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Character Interview: Enna

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Enna, who I had the honor of speaking with in a live interview, from Katie Grace’s work-in-progress, Faith. 

Villages are getting raided in the kingdom of Calarel.

People are losing their homes and loved ones. All Alynn wants is her family to stay as

it is, safe and content, without the threat of the raider’s attack hanging over her head.

Everything is going perfectly fine until one day her worst nightmares come true.

Raiders attack Alynn’s village, leaving nothing but a few stray animals. In the midst of

confusion, Alynn loses her parents and is left alone with her sister Enna in the ominous

forest of Calarel. Their food supply is growing scarce, and the fight for survival leaves

them scared and distressed.

Join Alynn and her sister Enna in a story of adventure, courage, love, and suspense; and

how they must rely on one thing through God:


Hello, Enna! It’s an honor to have you on Red Lettering. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Enna: *Nods politely with a big grin* It’s hard to describe myself. I’m seventeen years old with brown eyes and dark brown hair. My sister would describe me as outgoing and enthusiastic, always trying to make the best out of hard situations and find humor in them.  I suppose she’d also call me stubborn… I prefer the title, “tenacious.”

Tenacious sounds like a good title. You mentioned your sister…Do you have a family?

Enna: *Bites lip* I do… It’s hard to explain. My mom and dad were taken by raiders, I think. We’re searching for them right now. I really hope we can rescue them, for they mean the world to me. Otherwise it’s just me and my older sister, Alynn.

Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Does your country have a lot of trouble with raiders?

Enna: *sets jaw in a firm line* Yes, unfortunately. They come from a kingdom called Driscoll. They’re raiding villages all over the country of E’Lenor. They have destroyed thousands of houses and families. *wistfully* I wish I had the power to stop them.

Do you know why they’re attacking you?

Enna: *clenches fists* No. There has to be some reason behind their attacks, but I have no way of knowing. They could be looking for something, or someone. I just want them to leave us alone.

I hope they do. …Moving to more pleasant topics, what’s the first thing you remember?

Enna: *stares blankly* Well… I can’t remember the first memory I ever had, but I have a lot with my family. We always ate together on the small wooden table in our dining room, it was always such a good bonding time.

That sounds like it would be so nice. You must miss your parents a lot. Is there anyone you would die to save?

Enna: *Quiets, but answers quickly without hesitation* My family and friends. I would be scared, but they have done so much for me, and I would feel honored to let them live a longer life serving God.

Are you a Christian?

Enna: *Smiles and bobs head up and down quickly.* I am, and so is the rest of my family. My parents have taught me a lot about God and helped me progress in my faith. There are still situations I struggle with, but I know God is doing everything for a reason, and he has my path in his hands. *Perks up* Are you?

Yes, I am! It’s great to meet another Christian who has something to light their way when they’re going down a dark path… There are so many who don’t know God, and don’t have anything to rely on when they lose what is familiar to them. Are a lot of people Christians where you come from, or is your family one of the few people who are?

Enna: Where we used to live, there were several families who knew the Truth. But as Alynn and I travel through different villages trying to find our parents, it’s something people are turning away from and serving the kingdom of Driscoll instead. *chews lip* I don’t think it will be too long until we are the only ones though. I’m hoping to try to lead some people to Christ as we travel, or at least plant some small seeds.

Maybe that’s the reason this quest happened. You used Driscoll as the name of the kingdom that’s attacking… Do they serve a false deity by the name of their kingdom?

Enna: *wrinkles brow* Driscoll is so secluded from the rest of the country that it’s hard to figure out what’s going on in their land. Whoever they’re serving, it’s not God. Rumors of their ruler are very dark, which is frightening for me because we believe that our parents are being held captive there. At least that’s what other people are presuming. *Shakes head* We’ll see how everything turns out.

I’ll be watching for word of the outcome of your journey. …Well, we only have time for a few more questions. What was your favorite thing to do in your free time before your village was attacked?

Enna: Thank you, I hope we’ll be able to meet again after this is all over… I love spending time with other people. I spend time with all of the other villager girls, and sometimes with Alynn, but she is always reading.

Well, reading is good! Sometimes, it’s better to spend time around other people, though. What does your family do for a living?

Enna: I guess. *Shrugs* I don’t enjoy reading as much as my sister. We own a farm and take care of different sorts of livestock. The pay is not great, but is enough to take care of ourselves. The animals drive me crazy though. Their constant noise is something that I do not enjoy the sound of.

Being someone who has plenty of chickens and dogs, I understand about the noise. Final question–if you could change something in the past, would you? What would it be if you would?

Enna: While our village was getting raided, Alynn and I got separated from our parents. Even if I couldn’t have stopped the raidings, I would want our family to be a whole, solid part. But like you said before, there might be a greater reason in this. *grins* I got to meet some friends on the way! It is nice to have more company than just my sister and I.

It must be hard to have your family separated. But God does know what He’s doing, even if we don’t understand… Even when it gets hard, and it doesn’t look like anything good will come of this, don’t lose hope. Of everything you have to lose, hope is one of the things you’ve got to be careful to keep. Thank you so much for being here. It was really a pleasure talking to you.

Enna: *smiles widely, evident joy spreading across her face* You’re so sweet! I’ll keep your words in my heart, it meant a lot to hear them. I had such a fabulous time with you, it was a nice change on this tasking journey. I hope we’ll meet again!

Thank you so much. I’ll be listening for news. Watch out for enemies, and avoid short-cuts. Thank you again for being here!

Enna: No, thank you! *Giggles* It was my pleasure… And I will, I don’t plan on falling into the hands of evil. Thank you so much.


Katie Grace is a fourteen year old teen, happily writing her days away and hanging out

with her close friends. She’s a lover of Jesus, babysitting, reading, and music, while

homeschooling with her mom and younger sister. 

You can find more about Katie on the blog she shares with her cousin, Cousins in Christ and Pinterest.

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  1. A pleasure to meet you, Enna! It sounds like you and your sister have been through a lot. I’m glad you can keep your faith in God, and that He has provided friends along your difficult journey. Your story sounds interesting; I hope I can read it some day.

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