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Elevenses: The Sunflower Blogger Award

Happy Wednesday, readers! This differs slightly from my normal Wednesday posts, but it is with a great amount of excitement and gratitude that I do this.   Katie and Anna over at Cousins in Christ tagged me for the Sunflower Blogger Award (which, since it’s full of elevens, should be called elevenses, as the title suggests). Thus, I share eleven random facts about myself,  answer the eleven questions they asked, and tag eleven bloggers.

Eleven Facts About Me

1. With the theme of award being eleven, this seems a necessary fact to put here: my parents have eleven children. Two are all grown up and moved out, but the rest of us live at home. Originally I typed “there are eleven children in my family,” but since two of them are living on their own, and another is officially an adult, I thought my final statement would be more accurate.

2. I’m studying the Chinese language with the hope of someday going to China and living there. Certainly I’m as patriotic as the next person–who, for the record, isn’t terribly patriotic–but I love people, not countries and the people of China have my heart.

3. I first started my current, 67,992 word work-in-progress at the end of November 2012. My sister, making dinner, had left the Young Writer’s NaNo Program open on her computer and I, curious to see what word goal it would set for me, opened the box that evaluates your writing speed and started typing. With a cheesy first-sentence that introduced me to the character (I removed the sentence as soon as the timer went off), I started a story that became very dear to my heart. Pasting it into an email to prepare to send it to myself, I put my hand on the button to push send. The battery died. “What?” said I, “No!” Moving as fast as one might expect in such circumstances, I plugged in the lap-top and called my sister to sign it in again, opening the e-mail page as soon as I could. Only by a miracle had the fifteen-minutes worth of words that I had so hastily pasted there been saved in the draft box. As a side note, I don’t remember the suggested word goal.

4. I have never broken a bone, fainted, or had to spend time in the hospital since my birth. However, I have needed stitches twice in my life, something none of my brothers or sisters have done.

5.  My eyes are gold and green. The gold starts at the pupil and works its way outwards, where it changes to green. They change shades in different lights and according to my moods (as cliché as it might seem), the gold sometimes being very orange, and the green sometimes being very light or very dark.

6. I have twenty-two boards on Pinterest, the majority of which being for stories.

7.  I plan to retell the little known Fairy Tale The Twin Brothers from the Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales collection.

8. It bothers me when people illustrate fairies with wings so small they could not possibly fly. Of course, the fairy or Faerie might be able to fly without wings–but, if so, why give them wings at all?

9. I read every email in my Inbox, but I will often mark them unread and return to them later; I allow no more than five “unread” emails at a time, though.

10. I have a British First Aid and Family Health book. I have read through some sections several times–for example, the part on how to stop bleeding and other things that are useful in stories. Unfortunately, since it’s British and not American, some of the terms are different. For example, I’m not allowed to refer to an injured person as a casualty here.

11. I listen to older-style music. I particularly like the type the theme song of The Star Trek Enterprise is; not that one, but the style.

My Answers to the Eleven Questions

1.What is your favorite thing to do when you have time to spare?

I read, write, watch old movies and television shows, and occasionally draw.

2.Do you prefer movies or books?


3. Favorite Bible verse?

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18

4.What is the last sentence you wrote in a story?

“He stared at the ground, the hard set of his jaw telling me that he was angry; aside from that, his faces was deadly calm.” -IOTW (Complete title withheld), Chapter Ten.

5.Who is your favorite author?

Jesus, “the Author and Finisher of our faith.” For fiction writers, I would probably say Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

6.What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dogs? (I’m sorry. Pun intended.)  Though they can be slightly annoying, it would probably be when someone assumes that I don’t know something.

7.What’s your favorite dessert?

Ice-cream, though cookies are near favorites. I enjoy making cookies especially, but I tend to think of them less as a desert and more as a random bit of food that I make when I need to use Sourdough starter or over the weekends.

8.If you could live in any time period (past, present, or future) what would you choose?

Present.  Sometimes I wish I lived in the time before the Industrial Revolution, where there would be no reason for people to travel or move away from home. Villages would be their own small country and also one large family, but in such a land the majority of children died in infant-hood, disease was wide-spread, epidemics were not unusual, and reading and writing was fairly limited. I also remember that God put me where I am for a reason, and in such a magical and deadly world I would be unable to fit into God’s plan the way I do now.

9.What is your favorite book to re-read (besides the Bible)?

All of them. Except one, which was the first book I seriously considered not finishing, or at the very least find a red pen (I shan’t mention the name–especially since I don’t remember it). If I needed to pick one, I would undoubtedly make a snap decision and regret it as soon as I finished the next book I read.

10.What genre do you read most?


11.What is the best movie you have ever watched?

I don’t actually find myself watching very many movies, particularly not exceptionally good movies. The Lord of the Rings seems like a fairly obvious choice, but I sincerely think they could have done a much better job in making a movie of it. Perhaps Pendragon: Sword of His Father by Burns Family Studios, if only because of that one expression and two sentences that make stories scream in my ear.


Eleven People I Tag

Caiti Marie – Blossoms and Thorns

Rachel – So Cute and Fluffy

Hannah – The Writer’s Window

Anna Elisabeth – The Song of the Three Maidens

CamsShel – Shellie Sells Seashells

“The Final Blogger” – The Final Word

(My mind is going blank after six. At least I passed the half-way mark?)

My Questions

1. What is your favorite genre?

2. What is your least favorite weather phenomenon?

3. Who in history do you admire?

4. What is the color of your eyes?

5.What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

6. What is the last sentence you wrote in a story?

7. What is your favorite Bible verse?

8. Have you ever seen a shooting star?

9. What was the most recent book you read?

10. Coffee or tea?

11. Who is your favorite author?


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  1. Katie on said:

    This was fun to read 🙂 I absolutely love the name of the post!

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