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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

Writing Prompt: 07-04-2014

I know, I know–it’s Saturday. I scheduled this to post automatically, but for some reason, it didn’t. I’m sorry, everyone. I should have double-checked everything.

Origin: “Learning to Fly”, by C. W. Sun (Hakubaikou on DeviantArt.) I’m sure most of you have it down by now, but just in case: I don’t know the artist. So, beware if you look the artist up. (That, and the picture might just take over your mind if you look at it– who knows?)

Feeling inspired? If you’d like to write a prompt snippet, I’d love to read it! You can post it in the shiny little comment box, or move it to your blog, and post a link in the comments.

[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.] 


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5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 07-04-2014

    • This is good. I like it. 🙂 I especially liked how “I, the character” stepped into the speech she was making. I felt like it really helped to show her character; not an easy thing to do in a short story.

      I also liked the fact that Talent couldn’t talk; whether it’s because of the shape of his mouth or his young age, I don’t know, but I thought it did a good job of setting the story apart from other stories containing dragons. Well done!

      I found it interested the way you used question marks. I haven’t seen them used like in more recent books; these days, it’s generally accepted that the reader will be able to figure out the drama of it without the exclamation mark. As I’ve heard quoted from Jerry Jenkins, if you say, “He was dead!” it’s no more dramatic than “He was dead.” And the character is just as dead anyway.

      • Thank you so much! I enjoyed doing this story! I am very pleased that you were pleased with it!
        I am hoping to finish another short story for one of your other writing prompts this week, but I really should be working on “Retelling” so I don’t know, maybe I can do both…..

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