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Character Interview: Lyric Valvo

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Lyric Valvo, from Alea Harpers trilogy-in-progress, “Mind Wars.”

“It doesn’t matter. Wherever you want. You have about a million to choose from,” I laughed lightheartedly. Suddenly, my vision blurred and spots flew before my eyes. The world began to spin. Was this what vertigo feels like? My heart pounded. Was I dying? I struggled to take a breath and my knees buckled. My eyes closed and my head never hit the floor of the stadium.

When Lyric Valvo wakes up in a strange forest that she doesn’t recognize (more due to the fact that she has never seen a forest), she and her best friend Finn are mistaken for runaway soldiers and treated harshly. How did she get to where ever she is? Are the fabled Mind Wars real? In this exciting retelling of the classic fairytale, “Sleeping Beauty”, you will encounter adventure, thrilling sword fights, mystery, and friendship.

“Lyric Valvo,” by Alea Harper.


Hello, Lyric, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s an honor to have you here today. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lyric: Thank you so much for asking me! Usually I wouldn’t accept something like this, I’m more of an introvert, but I absolutely love your blog and I just couldn’t say no! Well…umm…where do I start? Umm…I’m 16 years old. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my best friend, Finn. When I still lived in The Building, I enjoyed helping out Mom and Dad…well…I guess I can’t call them that now…in their jewelry store. I get scared very easily. *Fidgets nervously* After my…umm…adventures, I have conquered some of that.

You love my blog? Wow… I have readers in more than one world! My stat page won’t show when I get visitors from other worlds, so I’m very excited to hear that. But, right. We should stay on track.  It’s nice to meet you!  Where did you grow up? What was it like?

Lyric: I grew up in a city called, The Building. It was just that: a very tall skyscraper. The entire city was inside it and no one went in or out. It really was a pleasant place to grow up being very safe, and it just had a nice atmosphere.

That sounds lovely. I suppose with so many people in the same place, you would know many of them…  Who would you consider a hero?
Lyric: I would definitely consider Finn, my best friend, a hero. He has saved my life numerous times and really helped me emotionally. But, if you asked him if he thought he was a hero, he would say no in a heartbeat.

Most heroes would say that if you asked them… I think it’s a part of the job description. If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change?

Lyric: Hmm…that’s a hard one. I guess that I would change my parents sending me away to live with my adoptive parents. They could have protected me well enough…right?

I can’t say whether or not they could have… I don’t know either your parents or your adoptive parents, but if your parents wanted to protect you, I would say trust them on this one. Did you have any favorite story as a child?

Lyric: Well, I never did like stories where people died. Those gave me nightmares. And ones with scary beings in them. *shivers* So, my favorites were probably the ones that I learned in history. There was no mind control or any of that. *Smiles, thinking about fond memories*

I can agree with you on that… Though, I do think that sometimes, scary stories might teach us how to act when we get scared. What is your goal in life? What do you strive for?
Lyric: I-I don’t know. *Looks down and blushes* Honestly, that is something that I have…err…am struggling with. The majority of the people of Sylvae, my real parents’ country, believe in something they call God. They say that He is what, and who, they live for. I guess I’m just not sure I believe that…at least right now.

I understand. I hope you find what’s true. I suppose you kind of already answered this question, when you mentioned dying and mind control in connection with stories, but… What do you fear?
Lyric: Death. I am terrified of dying and what happens after…well, I guess what scares me is the unknown of what happens after. But, I am also afraid of so many other things…

Death… That’s something that many people are afraid of, though some much more than others. You probably wouldn’t really be able to trust what I could say, so I’ll just tell you to talk to some of the people who believe in God about death. There’s no uncertainty about dying when it comes to those who believe in God.

Thank you so much for being here today; I really appreciate that you took the time to come, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in more detail.


Alea Harper is a Christian writer (and hopes to one day be an author). She loves to write (obviously), make movies, serve others, and tell people about Jesus! Almost every day, she is on some adventure; whether its joining the Fellowship and defeating Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, running from Emporer Daicen in “Resistance” by Jaye L. Knight, or going on her own adventure that she writes, something exciting is always happening! You can read more about Alea and her writing at her blog:

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2 thoughts on “Character Interview: Lyric Valvo

  1. Athelas, I love reading the character interviews each week. Keep up the great work.

    Alea, Lyric sounds like a really interesting character and I would definitely want to read Mind Wars if you get it published. I’ve read lots of fairytale retellings, but I’ve never read a Christian fairytale retelling, so I think your story is very unique. I hope Lyric ends up finding God.

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