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Writing Prompt: 08-22-2014

Origin“The Drawing of the Sword” by Jenny Dolfen. I don’t know the artist, so be careful if you decide to look up any of her other works.

Feeling inspired? Tell us the story of these people. I’d love for you to write something from the picture! You can post it in the comments, or move the prompt to your blog and leave the link in the comments.

[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.] 



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13 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 08-22-2014

  1. Hannah on said:

    Well, I THINK the person in the blue is a girl, but I’m not sure. Say it was a guy, and this scene reminds of when Feanor drew the sword on his half-brother, Fingolfin. Twas the first time an elf threatened another…’cept, Fingolfin was golden-haired

  2. Shoot. I was going to say the same thing and look the perfect Tolkien scholar. 🙂

    “Madness,” Oprah said scornful. “Madness, and I’ll have no part.” She turned to go, but stopped as a slide of metal sound. She looked back over her shoulder, and then faced Benjamin again when she saw the sword pointed at her.

    “Stay awhile, friend,” he said coldly.

    Orpah stared at him. When finally she was as able to pull her eyes away from his hard blue ones, she scanned the room desperately. The whole city was here, most everyone armed. Arcon though he may be, they couldn’t stand there while Benjamin threatened her.

    Oh yes they could. And they did.

    Even in this democracy, it seemed, people were not too free to turn into sheep under tyrant.

    “I’ll not stand for this,” she told him quietly, trying to keep her voice from shaking. “And Rastus won’t, either.”

    “Ah, but you husband isn’t here, is he?”

    “I’ll write him. I’ll tell him.”

    “The only thing you shall be telling him is that you approve of my plan and think he should send aid.”

    Orpah looked around the room again, searching for someone who might stand with her.She er might as well have been surrounded by statues.

    She looked back at the Arcon, and narrowed her eyes. “Never,” she spat.

    • I liked this (except the fact that his name was Benjamin. I have a character named Benjamin. That was just a tad bit distracting for me; “What? She has a character–a /villain/–named Benjamin?” :p). At the beginning, did you mean “Oprah said, scornful”? There was that, and another typo, but other than that, this is very good! Thanks for responding. I always enjoy reading your snippets. 😀

  3. Actually… Both of you are right. The artist used this picture as an illustration for that scene. I’m amazed that you recognized it, though… Apparently, I need to do some Middle Earth History. xD

    • Wow, really? YES! *fist pumps* But I probably only noticed that because I just within the last month read about Feanor and Fingolfin. Hannah, of course, has elf blood so she instantly recognizes her brethren. 😀

      • Hannah on said:

        You are too kind, Bekah! *blushes* There was something about Feanor that just screamed FEANOR! Let’s hope, erm, I’m of the line of Fingolfin rather than Feanor. More likely I’m from some humble Silvan line. 😉 But who doesn’t wish to have some blood from the Noldar!

      • Still, that you recognized it is pretty impressive… And, yes. I’d buy that about Hannah. xD

    • Hannah on said:

      Hahaha! I thought that was the jawline and shoulders of a guy! But talk about some curly hair! And I’m pretty sure he was blond. Yes, Middle Earth history is the best! 😀

      • Someday, remind me to show you a picture of my brother’s hair. He doesn’t wear his this long, but… When it comes to curls, the fellow in the picture has nothing on my brother. :p I’d say that Middle Earth anything is the best, usually.

  4. Hannah on said:

    By the way, here’s the link to the artist’s other work from the Simrillion. Nothing bad on here, ‘cept for a little violence. But wow, this artist is good! I almost cried to see all her paintings of Maedhros! Maedhros, my Maehros, WHY? (And he was dark-haired, not red. Just saying. Otherwise fantastic!)

  5. Thanks for sharing the link, Hannah. *sighs* Those pictures were awesome.

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