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Before you think it, I know what’s about to be running through your mind. “What? It’s Wednesday! Where’s the writing article? What’s going on?” 

Today, we’re taking a break from our normal routine for a couple of announcements. I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to make a whole new post for the few announcements that we have, but the thought of tacking them onto the end of the post was something I knew I didn’t want to do.

I’ve joined the Ravens and Writing Desks team!

You may be new to writing-like you started yesterday-or you may already be published, or you may be right smack in the midst of things. We hope to bring you encouragement, writing tips, ideas, and inspiration wherever you are!

I’ve been reading this awesome writing blog for quite some time, and now I have the privilege of being a part of it! You can check out the exceptional blog here.


Red Lettering is now on Pinterest!

“Brought to you by Red Lettering and dedicated to providing clean story inspiration for all genres.”

See Red Lettering On Pinterest

Registration for the Florida Christian Writers Conference, 2015, is now open!

Technically, this has practically nothing to do with this blog, but I thought that some of you might like to hear about it anyway. While I’ve never been there myself, several people who I know have, and they highly recommend it for beginning or published authors. There will be writing workshops, authors teaching, agents, and representatives of publishing houses there. See their homepage here.

And, well… This seems like as good a place as any to mention this.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been nominated for several blogger awards by some of you awesome bloggers out there. I really appreciate it, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to say this now… I am no longer accepting blogger awards. I do half regret this decision, but since Red Lettering is a writing blog, and I simply cannot keep track of all of them, I think it’s really best for the blog. I was thrilled at every single one of them, though, and that you thought of me made my day.

Red Lettering Reached Fifty Followers!

50To be honest, I was completely shocked and amazed to find out that fifty people followed my blog. I never expected to have much more than ten, and to have fifty is practically a dream come true. Thanks, y’all.

The plan, ever since the beginning, was to have some sort of writing contest if I reached fifty followers. Now that I have, I find myself slightly unprepared… So I turn to you, faithful readers. What do you think? What sort of writing contest should it be?

Well, readers? What do you think of these announcements? Do tell in the good old comment box!



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12 thoughts on “Announcements

  1. Faith Song on said:

    Ooh, neat! Fifty is a big number!
    I think you should do a writing contest where there is a picture, or sentence, that you are supposed to base it off of, and the readers could vote on the stories.

  2. Wow congrats on the 50! Your blog is amazing so I am sure that you will have many many more followers in the future!
    As for the writing contest, I think you should write a sentence and everyone participating has to use that sentence as the first line in their story. I’m not sure how you could decide the winner, but I know I’ve always enjoyed the thoughtful challenge of these types of contests 🙂

  3. Awesome! So happy for you! I must admit that I’m not much help with the writing contest part, though. 😉

  4. Yay! Congratulations. 😀 I think you should try a writing contest; I like Faith Song’s idea, where the readers vote, and you decide on the inspiration.

    • Thank you! 😀 I’m definitely going to do a writing contest (barring unexpected apocalypses, evil-overlords conquering, or visits to another world) though it may take a bit of time to get everything sorted out.

  5. Fifty followers? How awesome!

    Congratulations on joining Ravens and Writing Desks. To be honest, I’ve only glanced around there once, but I’ll so have to go check it out again now. 🙂

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