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Character Interview: Bel

Happy Tuesday, readers. Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Bel, from Beckah’s “Of Roses and Thorns.”

Character Interview - Bel

Aeson is an ordinary man, one of those who are randomly choosen each year; called by an enchantment to meet his death in the maze.

Rosa is a princess, ignored by most, quietly weaving and crocheting a magic chain to guide men through the maze.

Bel is a payment, a young girl working as lady’s maid to the princess so her father does not suffer. And in her dreams each night, she visits the maze.

The maze is a device of discipline woven of thorns, an arena…A  prison.

And at its center, is kept the Beast.

Hello, Bel, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s a pleasure to have you here today. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Bel: Hello, yes, well. . .*glances around quickly, and then smiles a bit uncertainly* I’ve never seen this place before in my dreams, and I got taken off. I was expecting to go somewhere. . .else. Is. . .is this part of the maze? No. Never mind. Why would it be? *smiles innocently*

Tell you about myself? There’s not much: I’m the eldest daughter of eight in my family, I’m fifteen, and. . .*shrugs*

I’m afraid it’s not part of the maze. But, since you brought it up… I’ve heard rumors about this beast the King keeps in the maze…What do you think of that?

Bel: *innocent smile is back* I don’t know. I don’t know anything about the maze—or anything in it.

Ah, of course you don’t. So silly of me to ask you about it. What would you consider your greatest hope?

Bel: I. . .*hesitates*. . .I hope to someday help a friend of mine. I can’t say anymore though, even in this dream. *Hurries on* You seem a very nice girl, and very kind, whether if I dreamed you up or you’re real somewhere, but. . . Who knows what the King, and the Noise, might hear?

Was there something else you wanted to know?

Unless I’m greatly mistaken, they won’t read it. But I shan’t make you answer a question you don’t feel safe speaking of; not at the moment, anyway. Have you ever danced before? Did you like it… or would you like to try it?

Bel: *slowly begins to smile* Yes, in a way. Not what people would call actually dancing, though? My brother Alano had this old lyre he’d found somewhere, and he someway or another learned to play a few songs. While he played, the rest of my brothers and sisters and me would dance. We didn’t know actual steps, but we spun and whirled together, laughing and breathless. This was before my Papa– before I came here. Anyways, yes, I’ve danced.

That sounds lovely; far more beautiful than balls or formal dancing. Dancing is about joy. When you have spare time, what do you do with it?

Bel: *Frowns* I don’t have spare time. Especially not now.

I see. Who do you admire?

Bel: The Princess Rosa, I suppose. I’m maid to her, as you know, and I get to see an—an interesting side to her. She’s very skilled with crochet. . .I admire that, and wish I could do what she can with a hook and the yarn she spins. . . .

I did know you were her maid… Though, I wonder if it would be possible for you–or for me– to do what she does. Just a thought. What is the first thing you can remember?

Bel: *Bites lip and considers* I can remember. . .a song. My Mama was singing it, I think. I can only vaguely remember the words—I only heard it that once. Mama was singing, and we were outside together, and some other people heard Mama, and. . .I can’t quite remember what happened, but there was some trouble. And after that, Mama didn’t sing the song anymore. Funny, I haven’t thought of that in. . .many years.

Old memories rarely come to mind without prompting. Though, if people got upset about her singing it…I wonder if I should apologize for making you think of it. Do you ever have a recurring theme in your dreams?

Bel: *Looks startled, and then suspicious* I have the sort of dreams everyone has, I suppose. Dreams. Ordinary. Random and curious. Nothing more.

No need to get defensive… They are, after all, only dreams, of course. Could you tell us about your family?

Bel: They are my family. What’s more to say? I love them, and I do all that I can for them.  . . .And I worry sometimes, how my brothers and sisters are getting along now that I’m here and that. . .well, what with Papa did.

That does make sense. These days, what makes you laugh? Smile?

Bel: My. . .*struggles to decide what to say*. . .my dreams. And the princess. We’re close, and I enjoy spending time with her. But. . .I enjoy my dreams more.  *Shakes head and looks around*I should go now. If—if this is the maze, then I should hurry. . .I. . .he. . .yes.

I should go. I’m glad to have met you, and that I dreamed this. *Smiles warmly before turning and rushing away*

Thank you for coming, Bel… I hope that we can meet again. 

“A fencer, a Librarian, candle-maker, jet pilot, and denizen of an enchanted castle—Beckah is none of these. At least, not yet. . . . Currently a high school junior, she lives with her family on their farm, where she is usually doing one or more of the following: reading, writing, mucking hog pens while wishing she was writing, agonizing over her roses, or laughing up her sleeve.

“She blogs under the name ‘ghost ryter’ at

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  1. This was awesome! Thank you, Athelas! Sorry Bel was so closed and moody. 🙂

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