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Writing Prompt: 09-19-2014

Writing Prompt

OriginWell, Paint, actually. This time, it’s just something I made up; if you’d like to find the rest of my work, feel free to read my mind. 

Feeling inspired? I’d love to have you write something from this prompt! You can leave a response in the comments, or move the prompt to your blog and leave a link in the comments.

[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.]



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16 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 09-19-2014

  1. “They’re gone, all of them,” Thorn whispered. He sniffed the ground while I watched.
    He threw back his head and howled, long and loud.
    I gazed at the half-full moon. Something within me wanted to howl beside Thorn. I shuddered and closed my eyes. How long could I contain the wolf? I had to keep it down. I couldn’t be a monster.
    Thorn stopped howling and gazed at me. “Let it loose, Fern.”

    • This is good. 🙂 It makes me wonder what they were looking for… The, “How long could I contain the wolf? I had to keep it down. I couldn’t be a monster” part makes me think a little bit of the novel Shadow Hand, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

  2. They’re gone,” Rosa rasped, so low Arson had to bend his head to catch the words.”They’re gone. All of them.” She made a noise like a whimper, her hands digging into his clothes.

    “Gone, gone, gone. . .I killed them. My fault.”


    “My fault!” Her eyes had fixed on him, the fever making them bright, the green too vivid.

    Aeson glanced away, uncomfortably unsure what to do. Bel would be able to sooth her, but Song only knew where she’d disappeared off to.

    “My fault, and I should have–I was too scared to–I let them–and now you’ll die because of me.”

    She was crying. Aeson stroked her brow, hoping to calm her. She only cried harder.

    “I can’t find them. . .” she whispered.

    “You don’t have to. Shush,” Aeson murmured. “Shush.”

    • Ooh, Bel? We get a peek into your Of Roses and Thorns… 😀 I like this. It makes me wonder what their relation is. There seems to be a typo up at the beginning (“Arson” instead of “Aeson”), but I don’t see anything else in here that I don’t like. Well done!

  3. They’re gone. All of them. I can’t find them.

    I rack my mind desperately, searching for any note, any breath of music. But the voices are hushed, the strings stilled. I have longed for years for the songs to stop.

    But the silence is even worse.

  4. They are gone. All of them. I can’t find them.

    Part of me is so very glad, I am free. No one to hold me back, no weaknesses now. I am finally strong.
    The other part is horrified. I am alone, so very alone. My stomach churns. Their blood is on my hands. I will never wipe it off, nor will I ever love again.

    “Goodbye.” I choke “I’m sorry, sorry I couldn’t fix my mistakes, that I never learned from them. That I failed you, that I killed you” The tears come now, for the first time in years “I killed all of you, at least you’re free of me… I’m a curse…None of you should’ve died, I should’ve.”

    I feel it coming up threatening to break out, that which I have held inside me for so long. It rips free, shattering any vestiges of control I had left.
    It feels good, I feel alive.

  5. They’re gone. All of them. I can’t find them.

    You my friend, just summarized writer’s block perfectly.

  6. Here’s what I wrote:

    Tessa cocked the gun, extending it nearly to arm’s length. “Don’t move, sir. Ma’am.”
    They turned toward her, and Tessa caught of flash of hatred in the woman’s eyes.
    The man drew his arm around his wife, pulling her closer to himself. “What do you want with us?”
    Tessa held her gun with one hand, reaching down to her waist with the other. “Just don’t move, or one of you is gonna get shot.”
    His eyes narrowed. “You would shoot a pregnant woman?”
    Tessa closed her fingers around the hand-held radio, and she pulled it off her waist. “I didn’t say which of you would get shot.” She paused, “But it’s a very big possibility.”
    She put the radio by her mouth, keeping her eyes on the couple in front of her, and pressed the button on the side. “Kappa to Zeta. I found them.”
    Brief static came through the speaker, then, “Got it. Be right there.”
    Tessa clipped the radio to her belt again, gripping her gun’s handle with both hands.
    “You’re not possibly that high in the ranks.”
    Tessa flushed a bit, but then realized that his voice was not, in fact, awed, but… Tessa could not quite place it. Disgust, maybe?
    “You heard me.” She said, tersely.
    The man looked at her for a few seconds, and then looked away. “You’re too young for that.”
    Tessa clenched her teeth, flushing this time with anger. “I have what it takes.”
    “That’s the trouble. You shouldn’t be mixed up in this stuff.”
    Tessa ignored him, speaking instead to the woman. “Step away from him, ma’am.”
    The woman’s eyes flashed. “Are you going to shoot me if I don’t?”
    Tessa set her finger on the trigger. “Don’t make me.”
    The man said something softly, and the woman stepped away from him, glaring daggers at Tessa.
    “No speaking!” Tessa snapped, her muscles tightening, as if to fight. She jerked her head to one side. “Now you move that way, sir.”
    His face paled slightly, and he glanced at the woman, his hand inching behind his back.
    “Hands in the air, or I shoot your wife.”
    He lifted his hands in the air, and stepped slowly to one side, his cloak dragging the ground.
    A bit of white fabric slipped behind him an instant too late. Tessa’s eyes flashed to the man’s pale face.
    “Now go back over to your wife. Quick!”
    The man walked slowly toward the woman. Tessa fired at the ground, and he instinctively rushed the few steps to his wife’s side.
    A small child, maybe five by her appearance, stood wide-eyed behind where he had stood a moment before.
    Tessa bit her lip, glaring at her. “Come over here.”
    The girl stepped forward, but the man grabbed her arm. “Wynn, no.” He stepped in front of her, blocking her from Tessa’s view. “Please, she’s only a child!”
    “Move, or I won’t miss this time!”
    He walked over to the woman, who stood there shaking, her eyes wide.
    Tessa looked at the child, her pistol pointed at the girl’s dirty white dress. “Come here, Wynn.”
    Wynn walked to a foot in front of Tessa, a tiny tear making a track through the thin layer of grime on her cheek. “Please don’t kill my daddy.” Her quiet voice made Tessa’s gut wrench.

    “Please! Please don’t kill my daddy!” A gunshot sounded in her memory.

    Tessa clenched her teeth, working to keep her voice steady. “If he’ll cooperate, I won’t have to.”
    Wynn turned her pleading eyes toward her father. “Daddy?”
    The man said something in another language, softly. This time Tessa did not bother to silence him.
    She counted to ten under her breath, then lifted the radio to her mouth again. “Where are you, Zeta?”
    Static, then, “We’re tracking your signal. Nearly there. Out.”
    Tessa let out her breath slowly. “Okay. You.” She nodded at the woman. “Get your daughter and get out of here.”
    The woman stared at her for a second and then, almost as if she were afraid Tessa would change her mind, she lifted the child into her arms and ran down the alley.
    At the end, the woman turned. “If you kill my husband, you won’t have seen the last of us.”
    Then she was gone.
    Tessa clenched her teeth again, glaring over at the man and muttering under her breath. “I won’t be the one to kill him, ma’am.”

    The man grabbed Tessa’s wrists. She screamed, pulling back. “No! Let me go! Daddy!”
    She jerked back, falling against the cobbled street, and scrambled away, down an alley. She slammed into someone, jerking back. “Child!”
    Tessa backed up, shaking her head and staring at the golden-skinned young man’s face. “No!” She screamed, and turned, running blindly into the dark.

    Tessa pulled in her breath quickly. “You.”
    The man’s face showed confusion. Tessa’s stomach twisted into a knot. “You were there. You were there when they killed my father.”
    The man’s face was blank for a moment, then their gazes met, and he took a step back. “You… you were the screaming child.”
    Tessa gritted her teeth. “I was the girl whose father you killed.”
    “I didn’t. My clan did. There’s a difference.”
    “You stood there and let it happen.”
    “It was a long time ago. And I tried to help you.”
    “You tried to capture me!” She snapped, tightening her grip on the gun.
    “That’s a lie.”
    This time, Tessa took a step back. The man took a step forward. “I tried to help you, but you didn’t stay long enough to find that out. And now you’re so filled with hate that you won’t even consider that people in the Shrikhar clan are actually people.”
    He took one last step until he was right up next to her gun. The gun trembled in her hands. “I’ll shoot.”
    His eyes were like fire. “Then do it. Murder me, and be what you’ve assumed all of us were this whole time.” He pulled the gun away from her, and she did not hold onto it. “Thank you.”
    She leaned against the alley wall, puling her gaze away from the man’s face. “Get out.” She said, her voice trembling slightly.
    The man turned, and ran down the alley. Tessa slumped against the wall, closing her eyes. She was going to be in such trouble.
    A hand touched her arm. “Kappa! Where are they?”
    Tessa looked up at the young man. “I don’t know, Zeta.”
    He glared at her. “What do you mean, ‘I don’t know?’ You just told us over radio you did.”
    She shook her head, fixing her eyes on the floor. “They’re gone. All of them” She said, her eyes drifting up to the narrow alleyway they had escaped down. “I can’t find them.”
    Zeta muttered something under his breath, then gave sharp orders to the other men. They scattered, Zeta following them.
    Tessa closed her eyes for a second, then stood straighter, walking down the alleyway toward the base. Who knows what Alpha would do when he found out she had let them escape. He might have me killed.
    A door opened, and Tessa spun around, reaching for her hip where her gun no longer rested.
    She opened her mouth to scream, but a sharp pain at the back of her head cut her off.
    Then blackness.

  7. ((Looks fun!))

    I stared at the empty room. They were gone. All of them.

    Good riddance.

    I turned and walked out. There was a spring in my step now. I was free. Free of the people who had trapped me for so long. Today, I was going to leave this place.

    “Where are you going, Jane?” A familiar voice said.

    They were back.

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