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Get to Know Your Characters Challenge: Antagonist

Get to Know Your Characters Challenge


Good afternoon, folks. Today is the day that Get to Know Your Characters returns; hopefully with a better picture this time, and a more official way of doing things.

From this point on, Get To Know Your Characters has turned tri-monthly. Every three months, on the first Tuesday of the month, bloggers are challenged to write something about the specified character type from their novels (whether works-in-progress or finished) and post it on their blogs. The point of the challenge is to help authors learn more about their characters through writing prose, exploring situations in character’s past with their pen (or keyboard).

Those participating in the challenge write up their bit of writing, post it on their blogs (or in the comment section of this post, if they don’t have a blog or would prefer to not post it on their blogs) on or before October 16  (preferably before, but life can be life, so it’s best to have a “or”) and send me the link to their posts. Sixteen days after the challenge was issued, the blog post will go up here with my piece of writing and with a link to the post of every person participating.

The character-type for this month: Antagonist.

The way of doing things: Pick a topic from this list and write something 100 words or more and post it on your blog.  (Feel free to mix and mash topics, or do more than one, if you wish!)

  • Your antagonist is between three and ten. Write something that represents their life at that point.
  • Write about a year before the start of your novel.
  • Write about the first time your villain killed or ordered the death of someone (bonus points if you focus on how it made them feel).
  • Your antagonist and his/her best friend, brother or sister, or second-in-command are talking about something completely random of your choice, within the past year.
  • Write about when your antagonist moved into his place of current residence (then again, maybe I’m the only one interested in seeing the villain moving into his lair).

BONUS: Write about the day or night before your antagonist was born. It’s slightly random, but sometimes it’s interesting to explore what was going on at that time.

The Challenge closes on October 16, so you must have your piece of writing posted and the link sent to me by or before that date. You an email the link to me or post it in the comments here.  (If you do decide to post it on that date, it’s best if you get it to me before noon, that way I can be sure to have it when I post the blog post.)

Over the next sixteen days, I look forward to being able to meet your antagonists.




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10 thoughts on “Get to Know Your Characters Challenge: Antagonist

  1. *claps*
    This shall be fun–great fun.
    I’m so glad you’re turning it into a recurring challenge! I hope more people will participate this time. 😀

  2. I shall have waaaay too much fun with this. : )

    And, villain moving into their lair? Perhaps it’s just me, but I keep seeing my fella shouting at the moving guys. “No, no, the instruments of torture go in the DUNGEON. What are you doing? Don’t put those on top of that box! It’s marked fragile. Fragile!” Haha! 😀

    • Good! Waaaay too much fun is almost always good.

      That would be awesome. xD “No, no, no, no, no. The imported rats go in the dungeon, not the throne room!”

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  4. So, I decided to throw together something for this ’cause it looked interesting. 😀 Hope you like it.

    ~Michael Hollingworth
    Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

    • Thank you for participating! I did enjoy it. Though, it was slightly strange for me; I have a character- a mercenary – who I’ve referred to as “M,” and a friend of mine has a villain named Morpheus… :p As I read, though, the character very definitely stepped away from both of those preconceptions I had in my head and I could see him as a very clear character on his own. Good job! 😀

      • Ha! That’s interesting indeed. 😀 Wow. I guess I’m not as original as I supposed. XD Who would’ve thought someone else would use the name of the god of dreams for one of his/her characters? lol I’m glad my version carved his own character for himself. =P Thanks. 🙂

        ~Michael Hollingworth
        Disce Ferenda Pati – Learn to endure what must be borne

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