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Writing Prompt: 10-10-2014

Origin“We need… No, I need you” by Vyrhelle. I do not know this artist or her other work, so if you decide to look her up, use caution.

Well, readers? Tell this story. I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with! You can post your writing pieces in the comment section here, or move the prompt to your own blog and post a link in the comments.

[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.]

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20 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 10-10-2014

  1. This. Is. The. Best. Prompt. Ever! XD I just might write something from this…

  2. Bill Lee on said:

    This is not vary good, it’s my first try on prompts

    “And so we meet again, Lion.” Deverell said eyeing Lion. “It’s such a shame that this time I’ll have to kill you.” He said in mock grief.

    “Then kill me then get it over with, at least I wont have to look at your hideous face any more.” She said through her clenched teeth.

    He looked as if he would continue his useless banter, but instead he said. ” Well I guess your right.” He whistled into the trees and four men came out the trees carrying laser rifles, and they stood in a half circle in front of Deverell. Lion suddenly found her self looking down the barrels of four laser rifles, all pointing at her.

    “Ready… Aim… FIRE!” But only one did.


    Elgin ran through the forest in the direction the guard had said Lion had gone.

    He heard talking and slowed down to a prowl as he approached a clearing, then heard three words that stood out from the rest.

    “Ready… Aim… FIRE!”

    He rushed into the clearing, his laser pistol drown.

    The automatic fire mowed down four of the group and the other one got into the woods, he didn’t mater, he had to get to Lion.

    Elgin dropped his pistol and ran over to Lions side.

    “Lion, Lion Sophia speak to me.” He yelled at her still face.

    “GOD” he prayed ” I have never prayed to you, but I need your help now”

    “Lion, we need you, /I/ need you.”

    “Elgin” Lion said in a week voice.

    “NO” he said “NO!” He said louder.

    He scooped her up in his arms and started back to base.

    • Thanks for commenting! 🙂 This is good. I would recommend reading through things before commenting, because then you’ll catch any typos you wouldn’t see otherwise. I’ve heard that reading it backwards and taking it one word at a time is also a good way to find typos.

  3. Sara thrashed. If she could just get her hand loose, she’d be able to get the pistol and end the fight.
    Her enemy pressed his weight onto her. His fingers squeezed her wrists. Her commander’s words came back to her. _Fight to the death. If they capture you, they’ll torture you._ She thrashed again.
    It did no good.
    She gave up and lay still. For the first time, she met his gaze.
    Her enemy, who she had first assumed was an older man, couldn’t have been more than a year older than her. “You’re a girl,” he said.
    A chill shot through Sara. Was that why he hadn’t killed her?
    The teenager shifted his weight and pinned her wrist with his knee. With his free hand, he began pulling her shirt up, exposing her belly.
    _God, help me._
    “You have a belly button.” The teen stared at her. “You’re not one of the plastics.”
    Sara lay still, to shocked to fight. What was he talking about?
    The teen grabbed her pistol. “If you promise not to jump off the cliff or try to kill me, I’ll let you up. Understand?”
    Sara nodded.
    The teen scrambled off her and slipped in a puddle. Before she could rise, he sprang to his feet.
    Sara almost laughed. She climbed to her feet, her clothes dripping. Her hip hurt from when he’d slammed her into the ground, but otherwise, she was okay. She faced him. “What are you going to do with me?”‘
    “You’re my prisoner. I’m taking you to camp. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I don’t kill people, especially girls.”
    Rage built in Sara’s chest. “Those were people back there!” She pointed at the direction she thought the battle had been in.
    The teen’s eyes widened. “You mean they were people, not those plastic soldiers?”
    What was he talking about? “Plastic soldiers?”
    “You know, the crazy soldiers. The ones without emotions. They just follow orders, won’t talk no matter what you do to them, and they don’t have belly buttons!”

    • This is very nice! I like the level of emotion that you put into the story. And both of them have very distinct characters. 🙂 It’s good!

    • Jessi, I love reading the stories you do for the prompts here. Are these characters from something else you’re writing?

      • Thank you!
        This is one of those stories that sits in the back of my head unwritten. I’d planned a scene similar to this picture, where the boy manages to capture the girl after she almost stumbles off a cliff. (He hasn’t ever seen a female soldier before, only the “plastic soldiers,” which are all men.)

    • I like this a lot. You had the tension level well up, and then you brought it to a good conclusion, and your characters, even though we saw them only briefly, definitely had personality. I wonder about the teenager; he seems very young. Too young to be in a war.

  4. Rachel Ford on said:

    Eeesh I’m trying hard to actually do this prompt! I just gotta think of the characters I wanna use xD

  5. Gator Lee on said:

    This is my story. 🙂

    Lightning looked around the tree, squinting so she could see through the rain. Something slammed into her back, and she fell, spinning around and landing on her back.
    “Thunder!” She screamed.
    Thunder pinned her to the ground, holding both her wrists. He glared at her and she glared back.
    “Get off of me now!” She shouted.
    “Hello Lightning.” He said.
    “Get off me!”
    “No. I’m taking you prisoner.” He laughed.

  6. Rider stared at the girl disdainfully.
    “Would you stop fighting?” He asked. “I don’t like to hurt women.”
    “You beast!” She screamed at him. “You ill spoken, indecisive beast!”
    “Calm down there, princess.”
    “I’m not a princess!”
    “It’s a nickname, OK? Cool it.”

    Rider dragged her to her feet.
    “Stand up.” He told her. “What’s your name?”
    “Wren!” She spat.
    “Well Wren, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Rider said.
    He tied her hands as best as he could.
    “If you stop struggling, I’ll let you have my portion of dessert.”
    Wren kicked him.
    “Filth! You lying beast!”

    Rider sighed. This job was no fun. The least people could do was stop fighting and screaming.
    “Come on,” He said. “There’s someone who will want to meet you.”

    • This is very interesting. I very much wonder what this whole thing is about… The casual air that Rider has and yet the fact that he seems fairly eager to make her calm down makes it seem almost like… Maybe it’s an undercover operation? Then again, maybe I’m way off. :p Good job on this!

  7. I actually never thought that they didn’t know each other. I always said that they were mad, but friends.

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