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Writing Prompt: 10-24-2014

Origin“I Surrender,” by Mauricio Igor. I do not know this artist—in fact, I didn’t even look at his other pictures, which I normally do. So beware, be cautious, and all of the other things that start with be.

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10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 10-24-2014

  1. Hannah on said:

    Off the top of my head…

    Noxious fumes stung her lungs, but she refused to cough as she stood before the drake’s seat. His spiked tail, casually swinging like a cats, cut through the misty air around them, sweeping her hair and gown back.

    “It shall be done,” he whispered, his silky voice incongruous to hear from his serrated maw.

    “See that it is,” she replied. Her eyes narrowed, gleaming in that moment like the dragon’s. “No more. No less.”

  2. Gator Lee on said:

    I like this picture. 🙂

    Cole flew through the mist and smoke, watching the girl on the charred cliff.
    “Ashley, you called?” Cole mindspoke to her, and landed.
    “Hello, Cole.” Ashley mindspoke back.
    “Hello, Ashley. What do you want here?”
    “Help.” She said.
    “What kind of help?”
    “Help to save my country.”
    “Why do you need help?.
    “ Our spy just came back with information that the enemy has plans to invade our country.” She mindspoke, and Cole could hear fear in her voice.
    “Is there enough men in your army to fight them off?”
    “No. Their army is ten times bigger than ours.”
    “What do you want me to do?” He asked.
    “Please… Send an army of dragons.”

  3. Paige gazed up at the dragon’s blind white eyes, shuddering in spite of herself.
    Paige had been told that she could see things as they truly were, if only she had the courage to go into the dome. As a girl who had been blind her entire life, the opportunity to see anything had caught her attention. But now…
    She shook her head, reaching out toward the dragon. Only a little bit ahead of her face, her hand met the smooth, cold glass of the dome, just as the dragon, on the other side, reached forward a claw and met her hand through the glass.
    Paige pulled her hand back, and the dragon did the same. She pulled in her breath slowly. A dragon? So that was what she really was?
    She scanned the land around the dragon. It was in ruins, burned and blackened from a huge fire. She sighed. At least that was right. The recent attack from dragons had left her country barren and blackened, and constantly under threat.
    A knot formed in her throat. She could not take her place if anyone knew what the dome revealed. What would they do to a dragon?
    Paige shook her head, closing her eyes. It must be wrong. She pictured a lady in a forest, crowned with a wreath of leaves, and armed with a knife.
    She turned away, taking a deep breath. That is what I saw.
    A voice stopped her. “Heyo, Paige.”
    Paige spun around, facing the dragon again. A man dressed in bright yellow jumped down from the rock, away from the dragon.
    Paige shook her head, taking a step back. “You’re not really here. I know it. And you’re not going to drive me insane, whatever others have done in the dome.”
    The man raised his eyebrows, stepping into the area where Paige was. Out from the place of illusions. “I’m really here, Paige. I’m almost as real as you.”
    Paige shook her head, taking a step back. “I’ll leave.”
    The man caught her wrist. “No, actually, you won’t, and I can give you several good reasons.”
    “First off,” He said, grinning wryly, “I’m holding onto you. Secondly, you want very much to hear what I have to say, and you don’t know what you’re doing when you decide to go out there and tell them that you saw something you didn’t.”
    She glared at him. “How do you know that?”
    He shrugged. “This is one of my domes. I can tell everything that happens in it.” He paused, “Besides, it stands to reason.”
    Paige’s muscles tightened, ready to pull back quickly. “And what if I ignore you?”
    He let go of her wrist. “Then I’ll let you go. Come back when you find out I’m right.”
    Paige turned and walked out of the dome, her sight leaving her as soon as she stepped out.
    She heard a man step up to her. “What did you see, Paige?”
    She opened her mouth to give him her story, but instead, she found herself saying, “A dragon.”
    His tone showed horror. “You lie.”
    Paige nodded, wanting to confirm it, but said, “No. I saw a dragon.”
    The man shook his head. “Come with me. We must see the rest of the elders.”
    Paige took a step back. “No.” She could feel her heart beat, painfully, in her stomach. “I don’t want them to know.”
    He reached out and grabbed her wrist. “They have to know.”
    She shook her head, jerking back, and away from him.
    She fell backward into the dome.

    • This is very good. Your storyworlds are very good, Faith! They always make me want to know more about where they’re located, their history, their customs… It feels like I’m glimpsing the world through a tiny window, and I wish while I’m reading that I could step through a door.

  4. The woman stared at the dragon levelly.
    “You do not frighten me, lizard-spawn.” She said crisply. “I came for the amulet. Where did you hide it?”
    The dragon smiled, exposing it’s sharp teeth.
    “I am not cowed by you either.” It hissed. “It is mine now.”

    The woman started to tap her foot. “Do I look like a nice person to you?” She asked. “I will bring this whole mountain down if you make me angry.”
    The dragon considered for the moment.
    “How about no?” It sneered. “I’ll keep my home in one piece, thank you. If you want the amulet so badly, it’s in the heart of the mountain.” The woman raised an eyebrow. “Giving up so easily? I thought you were a dragon.” The beast laughed at her mocking tone. “I know you will perish in the mountain.” It said.

    “I never said anything about going in.” The woman countered. “Here’s another ending to this story, worm. You loose the amulet and your home.” The earth underneath their feet groaned. “You wouldn’t dare!” The dragon roared. “Watch me!” The woman screeched back.

    The mountain split cleanly in half.

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