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Writing Prompt: 01-23-2015

Origin“Beware of Dragon” by Rowena Wang. I know neither this artist nor her other work, so beware if you decide to look her up.

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[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.]

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7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 01-23-2015

  1. Etza watched the automobile drive past with the caged dragon. She followed after it. It would be stopping for the night.
    A cold breeze tugged at her skirt. Mommy would be upset if she didn’t come home soon.
    Sure enough, the automobile stopped beside a bar. The driver climbed out and went through the doors.
    Etza ran to the caged dragon. Its scales glistened in the light from the street lamps.
    The dragon lowered its head as far as the tight muzzle would allow. It whimpered.
    Etza touched its nose. Hot breath warmed her hand, but the dragon did nothing aggressive. How long had it been muzzled? Surely, it needed to stretch its jaws. That drive was probably some dumb hired guy who had no idea how to care for his cargo.
    She unbuckled the muzzle and removed it from the dragon.
    The dragon yawned, exposing rows of knife-like teeth.
    Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.
    The dragon grabbed a bar in its mouth and bit down. Blue fire shot from its mouth.
    The bar melted.
    The dragon repeated this trick until it had melted a hole big enough to crawl through. I sprang from the cage like a cat, and stood in front of Etza.
    “Don’t eat me,” Etza whimpered. It had to be hungry.
    The dragon bowed its head. “Thank you.” It spread its wings and took off, soaring over the city and out of sight.
    Etza ran home. Since when did dragons talk?

    • This is very good. I felt a little bit confused about Etza; about how old she was, and what she was feeling through the piece, but I liked it in spite of that. Well done!

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  3. They heard it long before it came into sight. A cacophony of screeching and clattering metal, quite similar to Ellis’ current mental state, actually. The brawny old man beside him, however, took it all in with a sense of calm, even expectancy.
    “Ah, listen to ‘im. Has a lot of spirit, this one does.” McTavish’s walrus mustache twitched, as if he was holding back a smile.
    “we made sure to bring you in a young ‘un, no previous handling to clash with your own style. I’ve never met another trainer of dragons, and I’d like to see how you westerners do it.”
    “That’s very kind of you.” Ellis nodded. It took a good deal of strength to keep his voice and legs steady. It didn’t help that McTavish would now and then give him those strange looks. The gleam in his good eye made it look as if he knew Ellis’ true purpose.
    McTavish’s Menagerie was world renowned, and for no small reason. Few men could tame such beasts like the dragon, gryphon, and hippocampus in the way McTavish could; and no man could train them to do such tricks as he could. Ellis had pulled off many schemes, but this was the first time he was hired to steal the secret to dragon taming.
    The steamcar rolled in. The usual sound of grinding gears and boiling water was drowned out by the ruckus of the dragonling. Ellis noted the glint in the dragon’s eyes was the same cruel glint in its -untrimmed- claws. Even though a strong muzzle held the jaws in place, the dragon still managed to open its mouth a crack to show double rows of teeth and to let out black smoke.
    “It doesn’t look very happy. What if it throws a fit?” Ellis said with a tremor. He instantly regretted it.
    “Dragonlings are usually in a tiff after their first trip in a steamcar. Must’ve been a long ride, ‘e looks ready to spit out some sparks.”
    McTavish turned his head so that the scarred side of his face was in full view. Dragonfire scars, Ellis remembered hearing.
    “Well, lad, aren’t you going to calm ‘im down? Take him out and give him a walk, p’haps.”
    The dragon gave it’s head a sudden and vicious shake, rattling the chains like a foreboding ghost. A claw shot out and scraped at the sign below the cage. It no longer read ‘DO NOT TOUCH’, but ‘DO NO OUCH’. Ellis saw McTavish was watching him, one dark eyebrow raised. He knew.
    Ellis dropped his shoulders and sighed. The payment wasn’t worth it.
    “Sir…I have something to tell you.”

  4. Thats such a cool prompt! I’m going to pin it for future reference.

    I tagged you!

    • I’m glad you like it! I enjoy finding pictures to use as writing prompts. 🙂

      I’m honored that you would tag me! 🙂 However, I’m afraid I’m no longer accepting tags on this blog… I do appreciate it nonetheless!

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