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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

Writing Prompt: 01-30-2015

Origin“Lava Falls” by Jesús Campos Jiménez. I know neither this artist, nor his other work, so if you decide to look him up, beware.

Feeling inspired? Write something from this prompt! You can leave a response in the comments or move the prompt to your blog and leave a link in the comments. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 01-30-2015

  1. “Whose bright idea was this anyway?”
    I didn’t remember volunteering for the job, but the board all insisted that I had put my name in for retrieving a lava sample. I knew better than to object too loudly. My suit was designed to keep my temperature at a safe level, but I was no less uncomfortable. I was not about to stay in the lava deposits any longer than I had to, and ran as I scanned for a safe place to pick up a sample. I wasn’t keen on the idea of leaning over the rocks and catching the falling magma, as some mavericks were said to have done. Finally I spotted a small pool a few feet away. It seemed to hold just enough. I crouched down and took from my belt what could be described as the largest and most durable syringe ever invented. I gathered up what I needed, and then with a wince strapped the syringe back onto my belt. I still felt the heat, even though I made sure the suit was working. What could the agency possibly want with this lava?
    “Whose bright idea was this anyway?”

    • I like the way you began and ended this piece with the same sentence… And I must wonder who decided to stick the character in a very dangerous position when he or she hadn’t volunteered. Well done!

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