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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

Writing Prompt: 02-20-2015

Origin“Commission 31,” by Laura Hollingsworth. I know neither this artist, nor her other work, so use caution if you decide to look her up.

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7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 02-20-2015

  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like a picture taken of a scene in my book! Wow!

  2. Bill Lee on said:

    The two slowly backed toward each other, glancing around at the countless enemies approching. “This does not look good.” Fabiana said, now back to back with William.
    “Hey, cheer up, Fab.” William said. “We’ve hit rock bottom, we can’t get any lower.”
    “Um. Willy.” Fabiana said. “The floor just lowered six inches.”
    William winced at the sound of his nickname.
    They both drew their swords. Williams was curved.
    “Nice sabre Willy.”Fabiana whispered.
    “Its not a sabre, its a chinese dao.”
    A trumpet blew in the distance, and their attackers drew of, allowing them to regane their breath.
    Then two arrows wizzed through the air and struck the two warriars and they both passed out….

  3. Though the enemy remained as hidden as ever, the sickening heaviness in the air indicated their numbers. Rick could feel Nadine’s tension like a fire as she braced herself behind him, but her voice remained chipper.
    “We’ve been in worse situations. Let’s get this one over with, eh?”
    “True. But something about this seems… I don’t know… there is something different.” He replied, squinting at the darkening atmosphere.
    “Good different or bad different?”
    There was no time to answer. The enemy came in like a hurricane and the two whipped out their swords. Rick had to look twice and the golden blade in his hand. Up until now their swords, armor, and even their enemies had always been invisible.

  4. Erryn gritted her teeth, tightening her grip on the sword’s handle.
    The false heat from the fake sky blazed down on her, making her squint at the approaching circle of warriors.
    Nye’s back pressed against hers, reassuring her frantically beating heart.
    Stop it, Ryn. She told herself, scanning the lines of men. Calm. You know perfectly well it’s not real.
    “No advice this time?” She called, glancing at the young man at her back.
    “I wasn’t going to give you any.” He said, smiling grimly. “But here’s something. Don’t look away from the enemy.”
    Erryn’s gaze snapped back to the slowly closing circle, gritting her teeth again as he continued.
    “First thing you learned.”
    “I got it, Nye.” She growled.
    Hearing the smile in his voice, she scowled. “Positive.”
    “Get ready, then, Perali.”
    “Erryn.” She said, but was cut of from saying more by a sword swinging at her. She blocked it, and the force sent a shock up her arm, making her hand tingle.
    “Told you.” Nye said, blocking sword thrusts easily.
    “I’ve never… Battled… So many!” She exclaimed, grunting as she blocked.
    “Always a first time.”
    Thrusting her sword into one man’s chest, Erryn dodged to avoid another blade.
    “Bad idea, Perali. Your back’s against mine.”
    Erryn winced, mentally chiding herself. It’s a good thing this is simulated.
    After dispatching another attacker, Erryn sucked in her breath, her heart thumping painfully against her un-armored chest. “All… most… done.” She grunted, fending off an attacker and punching him in the face before running him through.
    “Two more, Perali.” Nye said. “Watch your side.”
    Erryn clenched her teeth, bringing the sword around to one man’s side. “Be… Quiet.”
    It was over in a few moments. Erryn panted, dropping her sword on the ground and lowering herself to a crouch. “You can stop the simulation now.”
    Nye sighed a bit. “Pick up your sword, Perali.”
    Erryn gripped the handle of the sword, and the illusion faded.
    Nye gripped the hand she was not holding the electronic stick in, pulling her to her feet.
    “You’re getting better.” He said, giving her a half-smile.
    “Implying that I was bad in the first place. Thanks.”
    Nye shrugged. “Well, you’re improving. You should be able to infiltrate ‘em pretty soon.”
    When she did not answer, he gave her a funny sort of grin. “We’ll make a criminal out of you yet.”

  5. “Ready, Lex?” Andrew asked.
    “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I answered. Somehow, I felt…brave. Not like a dainty little princess. I felt like me.
    I lost my train of thought as the enemies approached.
    “Has this war gotten so bad that a 16-year-old girl has to fight?” Andrew joked.
    “Yeah, sure,” I told him sarcastically. We drew our swords. There seemed to be hundreds of soldiers, but in reality there were only 15 or so. One of them was wearing a mask, and not saying anything.
    As they ran towards us, Andrew and I fought them. This couldn’t be the real war… Real wars had guns and bombs, not swords. Didn’t they?
    The soldier in the mask came up to me. I got ready to fight, but suddenly the soldier took it off.
    “Hey Lexi,” she said. “I’m here to help.”
    I looked at Andrew. He bowed to Anna. “Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you: I’m a princess.”

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