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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

Writing Prompt 07/17/2015




Origin“Stepping Through,” by BPKelsey. Note that I do not know this artist, nor this artist’s other work. If you do look the artist up, look out for nasty beasts that you may find out there.

If you’re feeling inspired, write something about this picture! I would absolutely love to see whatever you come up with (though keep in mind that my nine year old sister reads this blog, so keep it clean!). You can put it here in the comments, or post it on your own blog and leave a link in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you talented writers come up with!

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11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 07/17/2015

  1. Wow, a prompt! You really can post stuff!

  2. Cold and dark surrounded Warren. He gazed at the starry sky, the only beautiful thing on the barren moon. What would happen to his body after he died? Well, he’d be the first person to die on the moon. That was worth something, right?
    He gazed at the surrounding lunar hills. A circular hole sat in one of the cliffs, so circular it couldn’t be natural.
    “Might as well find out what’s up with that hole before I die,” Warren mumbled. He bounced to the cliff and sprang up it, the lunar gravity giving him an extra boost. He sprang through the dark hole. Instead of a cave, he crashed into a forest.
    Warren stood as condensation covered his cold suit. Was the air here breathable?
    If it wasn’t, he was dead anyway. He pulled off his helmet and sniffed. Yes, he could breath. The air smelled of forest and rotting vegetation. He took a few steps. Where was he? The gravity was strong, like Earth. Maybe he’d gotten home somehow.
    He gazed at the sky.
    The blue, green, and white orb of Earth took up much of the sky, though the trees blocked most of the sky.
    He was still on the moon.

  3. [This would be right before the scene in the picture.]
    “A…space suit?” She raised an eyebrow as she looked his outfit up and down. “It’s a magic mirror, Andrew, not a worm-hole.” How had he even gotten a space suit anyway? It wasn’t like you could just waltz over to the nearest Wal-Mart and pick one up.

    “Well you never know, do you? Could be anything on the other side!” he snapped. “I’m the one going through it, not you; I can wear whatever I like.”

    “Fine, sorry. Are you ready?”

    Andrew nodded tersely and set the helmet on his head, and after some trouble managed to attach it to the suit. “All right, turn it on.”

  4. Elsabet on said:

    Mirrors are tricky. All the stories say so. Even some of the stories from BEFORE will tell you of witches using mirrors to spy on people. The old tale, Snow White, is one such tale.
    But that was BEFORE, when people still believed the scientists were telling the truth. When the technology was based on steam, and then, later, electricity. When those stories were just bedtime tales.
    NOW everyone knows THE TRUTH. The scientists lied. They claim that it was for everyone’s safety, but so few believe them. They lied once, they will lie again, trying to get a stranglehold on everything, and control our thoughts and beliefs. The OLD BELIEF was almost destroyed because of the scientists.
    And now that people know, they are curious. What are the other worlds like? What of the people and creatures who live there? Have they really perished from strange plagues like the scientists say?
    NOW we have the mirrors. We recovered them from the wreckage of an old university of science from BEFORE. The mirrors will help us know what is happening, and what the scientists were trying so desperately to hide.
    A man from the NEW ORDER has volunteered to be the first to step into one of the other worlds. His name is Alexander Morley, and he is known to be a brave man. He was one of the first to speak against the scientists.
    What will he find? We do not know, but we hope he will find THE TRUTH.

  5. stitchesoffreedom on said:

    Hi Athelas! Here’s the link to my entry.

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