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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

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Writing Prompt: 09-11-2015

Origin: “Our Ends are Beginnings,” by ParadisiacPicture. Please note that I do not know this artist, nor his other work, so if you do decide to explore, beware. (Please further note that clicking the picture will take you to where you can view the original location of the artwork and explore other work by the artist.)

Feeling inspired? Write something from this prompt! I’d love to see what you come up with. You can leave a comment with what you’ve written, or move the prompt to your blog and leave a link in the comments! 

Now, for those of you concerned and sharp-eyed readers who have noticed that this is the third writing prompt in a row, be not concerned! This blog has not been entirely taken over by writing prompts, and I hope to soon be back to the previously known posting schedule. It turns out that leaving a blog alone for almost half a year makes it slightly harder to slip back into a normal posting rhythm, but we are getting there, and I greatly thank you for your patience during the time of silence and, now, slow reawakening.

Writing Prompt: 09-04-2015

Origin: Sheep? by Tracy Butler. I know neither this artist, nor her other work, so if you decide to look her up (or click the picture, which will take you straight to her DeviantArt page where she posted this), use caution and beware of monsters.

Feeling inspired? Write something from this prompt! You can leave a response to it here, or move the prompt over to your blog and leave a link in the comments so we can all go look at what you came up with! Do please keep it clean… It’d be greatly appreciated over here.

I can’t wait to see what you amazing writers come up with. Enjoy your writing, and have a great weekend!

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