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Stories will not be written easily. A story without a heart is dead, and the only place it will get a heart is from the author.

Writing Prompt: 09-04-2015

Origin: Sheep? by Tracy Butler. I know neither this artist, nor her other work, so if you decide to look her up (or click the picture, which will take you straight to her DeviantArt page where she posted this), use caution and beware of monsters.

Feeling inspired? Write something from this prompt! You can leave a response to it here, or move the prompt over to your blog and leave a link in the comments so we can all go look at what you came up with! Do please keep it clean… It’d be greatly appreciated over here.

I can’t wait to see what you amazing writers come up with. Enjoy your writing, and have a great weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 09-04-2015

  1. That would be an interesting story. I love their outfits 🙂

  2. I love the writing prompts you post! They always immediately set the wheels of the mind to turning!! This one is awesome!

  3. “Three days watching these stinking sheep and not one dragon,” Dall said. “We’re dragon slayers, not shepherds.” He tried to shove his annoyance down, but it had been three days. Three whole days of sheep watching. Now, when Fox watched the sky, he had that far off look, like he was hoping a dragon would eat him.
    One of the sheep nibbled Dall’s scabbard. He slapped it. “Fox, if I don’t get out of here soon, I’m going to go nuts.”
    Fox kept looking at the sky. He paid no attention to the sheep nibbling his clothes.
    “Seriously, we need to go to the mountains. Maybe that dragon ate too many sheep and died,” Dall said.
    “No it didn’t.” Fox pointed.
    A huge dragon flew toward them.

  4. “Sheep?” The Captain raised an eyebrow as he surveyed the flock.
    “What is your friend trying to do? Make us a laughing flock- I mean, laughing stock?”
    I could feel one of the sheep trying to eat my coat. I was too deflated to push it back, and stared up at the sky instead. I botched it. Again.
    “How did this happen, Lieutenant?” The Captain asked as he turned to face me, arms crossed.
    “You said the fey beast would be reliable!”
    All I could manage was a pathetic ‘Uh…’, which was drowned out by a chorus of bleating. I didn’t quite know how to reply. According to faerie laws, Diperie owed me a favour. But considering the fact that I rescued the young dragon from a tangle with a windmill, of all things…
    “Look, here she comes! We’ll have her explain herself.” The Captain said, interrupting my second attempt at an explanation. I looked where he pointed and saw a speck of silver swooping towards us. The sheep scattered as Diperie flew over them. She landed right in front of me and balanced on her hind legs.
    “Oh there you are! Look, I did it, Lieutenant Theophilus! I found sheep! And see how many I brought, too! Aren’t you happy?” Dipierie chirped. Her frills quivered eagerly, and it was impossible to miss the pleased expression in her serpentine grin. I looked from the sheep, grazing unconcerned again, to the oblivious dragon.
    “Um, that certainly is a lot of sheep, Diperie. Good for you. But, er, that’s not what I asked for.”
    Diperie cocked her head.
    “What do you mean? You asked me to bring you a ‘flock of sheep’, and that’s exactly what I did! Are they the wrong sheep? I could get more! Do you want me to get more?”
    The Captain shoved me out of the way before I could reply.
    “No, no! Not ‘a flock of sheep’, you flighty creature! We needed a fleet of ships! How could you get the two mixed up?”
    “Please, Captain!” I begged, pulling him back.
    “She’s still a hatchling. Don’t be too harsh on her. It’s my fault really; I should have been clearer with my message.”
    The Captain groaned as he dug his fingers into his scalp.
    “Argh! With your combined incompetence we may never accomplish the rescue mission!”

  5. I love the previous ideas of dragon hunters and rescue mission. I myself wrote out a long reply that apparently did not go thru… It revolved around the idea that the two youths in the picture were lost on their way to the warf where they were joining the royal navy, not by choice you know they had been summoned, being just of age to fight for Crown and Glory etc. I cannot recreate it now but I decided to post my base idea anyway. Love the picture! ;p

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