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Exiles Release Tour: Character Interview, Giveaway, and Review!


    Exiled after their defeat in Samara, the Resistance struggles to find allies in their quest to restore King Balen to his throne and put an end to the emperor’s tyranny. When the crete people refuse to lend their aid, Balen leads a group to Dorland to reason with them and win their support. However, enemies prove to be everywhere, and they find themselves in a fight to keep Dorland from becoming Daican’s latest conquest.

     Back in Landale, the arrival of a new enemy forces Trask and Anne to tread more carefully than ever. Tensions are rising, and the enemy is determined to test Anne’s loyalty and root out the location of Trask and the Resistance once and for all. 

     Feeling trapped within the walls of Valcré, Prince Daniel must contend with an ever-eroding relationship with his father. As their clashes escalate, the situation becomes potentially life threatening when his loyalty is called into question. His sister seems bent on branding him a traitor and actively seeking to condemn him to the fate of those put to death in their father’s new arena. Daniel is certain his father would never execute his only son and heir but, with other forces at work, it might not be that simple.  

     One small misstep could prove fatal for all.

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Happy Friday, readers! On this particular Friday, I’m posting, not a Writing Prompt as I usually post (there’s no need to dispute that “usually” there, readers). Today, I have the honor of participating in the release blitz of Jaye L. Knight’s fourth book in the Ilyon Chronicles.

I’ve followed this series from pretty close to the beginning, and participated in most of the blog tours (I missed the first one; it was the blog tour of Resistance that first introduced me to the series back in May of 2014), but this year is the first one where I had the immense pleasure of conducting, not an author interview, but a character interview instead.

If any of you have read any of my reviews of the previous books in the series, you know without having to be told who I requested to interview.

Hello, Trask, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s truly a great honor to have you here. It isn’t often we have a man of such rank and character as you. *bows* I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come here, and I assure you that your answers will never reach the ears of your enemies. 

Trask: *grins* Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? What is your life like right now?

Trask: I’m not sure what to say about myself. Anne could probably tell you a thing or two. She thinks I’m impulsive. She’s probably right, though I consider it more a passion to see things get done. Life is rather chaotic right now. We’re doing well at camp, but there’s a lot to consider to make sure it all runs smoothly and we remain safe. A lot goes into taking care of that many people. I always have a lot on my mind.

When you were a child, did you ever think your life would be like this? What did you think it would be like?

Trask: Not at all. I figured I’d grow up, marry Anne, have a bunch of kids, and sometime far down the road take over as baron for my father.

In times of war, we all have heroes – they’re the people who inspire us to get up in the morning at the crack of dawn to face the song of the sword and the blood of free men. They inspire us to strive for their example and give us something to fight for. Recent or legendary, who are your heroes?

Trask: I consider everyone who has faced hardship and stood strong in their faith as a hero. I’ve faced hardship, but I know there are others who’ve had it even worse. One specific person I consider a hero is William Altair. He stood strong in his faith even though it cost him everything.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Trask: Well, I’d like for life to look more like I imagined it as a child. I hope to be married to Anne and have some kids. And I hope to be back in Landale Village and out of hiding.

What is one skill you’ve tried to master, but never could?

Trask: This might come as a surprise, but I’m not actually the best archer. I was always far better with a sword. I leave the archery to people like Jace and Kyrin.

Thank you for your time, sir. I wish you many blessings, and peace for the future of your country. Be safe out there.

Trask: Thank you.

About the Author

Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy.



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New to the Ilyon Chronicles? Now is the perfect time to be introduced. From August 11th – 14th, the first Kindle three books in the series are on sale. You can find them over on Amazon.



To start you off with the right mindset, you might as well know straightaway that if this book had a theme song, it would be this one.

There we go. That taken care of, we’re on to the review.

Jaye’s characters are both her strength, and her weakness. She’s building on a foundation of fabulous characters that she set up in the ResistanceAnd building. And building. She must have added eight new characters in this novel;  most of them necessary for a brief moment, but none of them necessarily needing to be involved as much as they were, which left the novel feeling cluttered. I loved the characters; I knew their stories were remarkable; I wanted to follow along and see where they went. With all that extra activity going on, I didn’t feel like the author gave enough time to the real main characters.

I loved the focus on Daniel and Daican in this one. That plotline was masterfully done. Uncluttered by extra anything, I looked forward to reading about those two the most. After reading the first book, I said I hoped that she would do more with Daican’s family and their issues, and she delivered beautifully in this novel.

I was pleased to find a greater focus on Trask and Anne in this novel, though a little bit disappointed that events over in their section were traumatic, and therefore, Trask wasn’t feeling like his usual fabulous self. (You may pause right here to listen to some dramatic, suspenseful music.)

This novel followed a more typical, 3-Act Structure than the last, so it made for more familiar reading; I never had a moment where I felt disoriented because of the way it was set up.

The plot began with a wedding, and proceeded slowly from there. About a quarter of the way into the novel, I set the book down, looked at my sister, and said, “Someone better get murdered soon.” Luckily, someone got murdered, and from there it picked up the pace.

Going into the novel, you should know that it is filled to the brim and overflowing with romance. Amidst wars, battles, murders, evil kings and fantastic tree-cities, everyone was falling in love. Realistic? Maybe not, but not necessarily impossible. If romance isn’t your thing, you should go into this braced for a storm.

The story followed three major plotlines, and at the same time set up for the remaining books in the series. My favorite was Daniel’s plot, which is curious because I’ve had no interest in him in the previous books. Jaye L. Knight took her time in bringing the tension up throughout the novel, but when she got it there, it stayed that way for the rest of the novel.

My one major complaint about the plot was that this novel picks up a year after the previous. Characters have developed – majorly, in some cases – and situations have changed since then. I was disappointed that we missed that; I feel there was a lot of storytelling material and important development that we weren’t able to see.

I was glad to see some of the Roman-inspired setting coming back into play in this novel, since one of the plotlines was set solely in the capital.

The characters travel through several countries, so we get a glimpse of the land of the Cretes and the Giants. The Crete culture was interesting (and terrifying – a whole city built in giant trees, high above the ground? I have no fear of heights, but that would be a long fall), and she put an interesting spin on the Giants. It’s not often you see homesteading giants just hanging out, being peace-loving and hard-working.

A character is kissed against her will. A character witnesses two unmarried people stepping out of a bedroom. A couple of people are kidnapped and as they’re being hauled off toward the villain’s lair, one of the kidnappers approaches a woman, though nothing comes of it.

I read the novel in one day. Though there were a few times I put it down, I always came back within a few minutes (or after eating) to continue the story. Jaye L. Knight writes with such potential: her plots, her characters, her settings. I believe the greatest benefit to her writing would be to tighten it all, taking less time to get to her next plot points, and focusing more specifically on a core group of characters. I recommend this novel for a calm day. Have a cup of tea and a few cookies, nestle yourself in the corner of your couch with a blanket, and listen to the rain pattering against your windowpane. And read this book.

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Character Interview: Ellis

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Ellis, from C.B. Cook’s Teen Warriors Series. 

Ellis has always felt ordinary. In fact, he is ordinary. Everyone sees him that way, including himself. Well, everyone… except for one. King Winsloe, the King of the country of Arbia, sees something more in Ellis – a great leader. So he picks Ellis to lead a group of teens in the search for one of the most famous pieces of Leralian history – the Portal through which the first humans came from Earth to the world of Lerali. The other teens aren’t quite pleased with the King’s choice. How will stammering Ellis be able lead the unruly – and sometimes violent – group? And how in the world will they find the Portal?

Hello, Ellis, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s a pleasure to have you here today. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Ellis: Well, um… I-I’m not good with people. Uh, that is to say, I’m mostly an introvert. I prefer books and my workshop to socializing, and, honestly, I wish I could just live in my workshop. Other than that, I’m a single child, technically, an amateur inventor, and I’m a Messenger – basically, I can send telepathic messages and use mind control, that sort of thing, plus a bonus photographic memory. Basically, the most useless Gift of all. 

Wow. That sounds like an interesting gift for a solid introvert. Someone who doesn’t like people has to be the one to deliver messages. You mention that you’re an only child… What is your family like?

Ellis: My family consists of me and my dad. *pauses* Uh, my mom and younger brother, Herbert, died several years ago. My dad and I are really close. I get my inventing skills and my Gift from him.

I’m sorry about your mom and brother. That must have been tough. Have you ever wished you could live in a different time—another world, perhaps? Would you choose to remain where you are now or go to another place or time if given the chance?

Ellis: From your perspective, I do live in another world. But I’ve always wished I could go to your world, where my inventing and nerdiness wouldn’t be looked down on quite as much. At least, I would hope not. If given the chance… well, I like Lerali and all, but maybe just visit Earth. Maybe on my sky saddle…

If you ever do decide to visit Earth, you may not find it entirely to your liking. But if you find yourself in the area, feel free to stop by and visit me! Who do you look up to?

Ellis: My dad, really. King Winsloe is pretty awesome, too. And he believes in me, unlike most other people, including myself.

Your King sounds like a good man; maybe you should believe him when he talks about you. Do you have a favorite color? And—I’ve heard that you’re scientifically minded, so I hope this won’t be a difficult question to answer—what would you say that shows about your personality?

Ellis: Um… I tend not to do favorites very often. But I guess I’d have to say that it’s gray, or silver. Like my tools, or my sky saddle… Hm, what does it show about me? I guess it reinforces my dullness. Gray is just so boring and bland, like me.

Silver and gray are some of the most beautiful colors in the world; they’re the color of the clouds, the color of tools as you mentioned, and the color of duct tape. What’s the first thing you remember?

Ellis: *clears throat* Well, that’s a bit of a… touchy subject. You see, my first memory is of the fire that killed my mom and brother. That was pretty traumatizing. A pretty wonderful first memory. I’d rather not talk about it.

Ah, I understand. Where did you grow up?

Ellis: I grew up in our humble cottage, after the fire happened. Dad doesn’t talk about Mom’s and Herbert’s deaths much, so I really don’t know much about that time, although I have a few mental pictures of my mobile thing above my crib, and my high chair, and all that thanks to my photographic memory, but that’s it. As far as I know, I had a fairly normal childhood up until the fire.

Is there one location that you hate—or one that you dislike very much? What would be the worst place you could imagine going?

Ellis: Voslelo, anywhere there, especially the capital, Croydon. See, they’re very against the country I live in, Arbia. Tensions are getting higher, and since my work with the government started, they wouldn’t be very kind to me. *shudders*

That’s very practical of you. Definitely not somewhere you would want to go vacationing, eh? If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would the word be?

Ellis: Just one? Ugh, let me find my thesaurus. *flips pages* Well, I’m so boring I’m soporific. Sleep-inducing, ha. It fits perfectly, in my opinion.

I can’t say I would describe you as that… You interest me greatly. I should probably let you go now… Thank you so much for coming, Ellis! It was wonderful to get to know you. Have fun adventuring!

C.B. Cook is a home school student who loves to write, and gets half of her inspiration from her surroundings, which is one of the reasons for some of her random stories. The rest of her inspiration comes from her extremely overactive imagination, which provides her with the stories that seem completely unrealistic. Check out her, um, interesting blogs at and, and her account at

Character Interview: Abigail Dimond

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today as the first character interview after NaNoWriMo, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Abigail Dimond, of Joy Hartshorn’s novel, Shadow Wings.

Sometimes, in order to save today, you must unbury the past. Abigail Dimond, an ordinary historian, never thought that she’d have to become someone else in order to save today. Well, not literally, but the next closest thing. Through the use of a secret technology only recently revealed to the public, she now must work through the memories and feelings of a woman named Kallie Forbes and work against time to stop needless hatred and evil from spreading any farther.

In a time of micro smart computers and hovercrafts, she must return to the slower pace of the past in order to save many lives, including some that she’s only met in someone else’s memories.


Character Interview - Abigail Dimond


Hello, Abigail and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s an honor to have you here. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Abigail: Sure. I’m currently working as a historical researcher and writer for a low key curriculum publisher. I don’t cook very much, and I take the sub stations everywhere that I can.

Interesting. You’re a historian? Why is it that you decided to make that your profession?

Abigail: I decided after going to college for a while and switching degrees for a time. I ended up going to college for six years to receive an undergraduates in History. It really was worth it though, once I finally decided.

History can be absolutely fascinating and definitely worthwhile. Going back to more recent history, what is the first thing you can remember?

Abigail: The first thing that I can remember. . . Probably the sound of running water. My mom had a small water fountain in the living room when I was a toddler, and we moved when I was three, so as far as I can figure it out, that’s my earliest memory.

That sounds like it would be nice. You mentioned your mom… Do you have a family? Could you tell us about them?

Abigail: Well, it depends on how you define ‘family’. I do have a family in the literal blood since, or I wouldn’t be here. I only know my mother, though; it’s very rare for fathers to stay long. In the other sense of family, I there’s a little neighbor girl that I tend to think of as a niece. She lives with her aunt in an apartment a few levels above mine.

I’m sorry about your father… It must be nice to have a little “niece,” though. Under what circumstances do you think it would be right to kill?

Abigail: Oh man. Ethics. Well, I tend to look at it in different ways. If someone’s trying to kill you, then it would be okay because it would be self defense. If someone was trying to invade either your home or your country, then it would be okay because it would be self defense. In a short, it would be okay if it was self defense.

Self-defense. Well, that’s fairly straightforward. Of all the different things in life, what do you value the most?

Abigail: I value life, family, beauty, and truth.

Okay. If you could change any one thing in the past—your past, or in the past hundred years—what would it be?

Abigail: Wow. In the past one hundred years or my own past. . . I would probably go for the past hundred years because then it would also change my own past. I’d probably go for making it illegal for fathers to leave, unless it was for the good of the mother and children.

I can imagine why you would want to do that. Who would you consider a hero?

Abigail: A hero. . . Let’s see. I consider a hero someone who works to make a difference in others’ lives. Ava Roth, the 23rd century’s most prominent advocate for sustainable living, is one of my heroes. As is Emmanuel T Ingram III, the political poet from the 22nd century. He brought back the use of strong metaphors to bring modern problems down to earth.

Both of them sound like interesting people who must have lived in a very interesting time. When you’re extra stressed or tired, where do you go to relax?

Abigail: I go to my room. I have the lavender and orange air scents in there, and a couple soft paintings and sketches to help with the atmosphere. I do everything I can to make my room a safe place with no noise, bright colors, or holographic projections.

That sounds lovely. I should probably let you go now… Thank you for being here, Abigail. I wish you well in the rest of your life.

Joy Hartshorn has been creating stories for as long as she can remember. From creating villages with dolls and having them work together against the odds of being an Ugly Doll and Barbie Doll to run a store, to tales of siblings traveling across a desert that was inside a cellar to a city called Celeste. Now, at the age of 21, she has completed one novel. When she isn’t lost in her own worlds, studying for her college classes, or busy using a notebook and pen, she can be found with her nose in a good book with a cup of either tea or coffee, or else knitting while talking with good friends.

Joy Hartshorn blogs at Tears of a Hawke

Character Interview: Shawn

Happy Tuesday, readers! I know this post is being published awfully late… I had something of a busy day. However, as it’s still Tuesday, I have the pleasure of presenting to you Shawn, from Faith Song’s work-in-progress, Son of a King.

Character Interview - Shawn

Shawn, born the son of a King and destined to rule the Land of Dragons after his Father’s death, has never had cause to doubt the supremacy of his father’s word. Yet when he discovers two elves—spies, no doubt—captured and facing torture in the King’s dungeon, Shawn is forced to reconsider whether he will support his father the King in all he does—or suffer the consequences of treason.

Hello, Shawn, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s not often that we get a Prince and a dragon. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Shawn: *takes a deep breath, slowly* Yeah, a prince. *shakes his head* There really isn’t much to tell. I’m a dragon… But you said that already. *shrugs* I’m eleven summers. My mother died when I was eight, leaving me as my father’s only child. *pauses* And heir.

Ah, so you’re a crown prince as well? How nice. Where did you grow up?

Shawn: I grew up in Shyam. It’s the capital city in Ryoto. *pauses* There is one giant city made from black stone. Actually, it’s made out of a mountain. Then there are some smaller cities around Shyam, and farther out, some villages.

And past that, there are others, yes? Other kinds of people? You appear to have some interesting species in your world. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it could get a little bit confusing to us humans growing up on a human-populated planet. Could you tell us something about them?

Shawn:*smiles a little* Well… First off, there’s dragons. We’re a sort of winged serpent at night, and at daytime, we look almost like humans. Most of the dragons in Sham have dark hair and red eyes and kind of golden tinted skin. Then we have the unicorns. *frowns a little bit, shrugging* Dragons don’t get along with unicorns since the war. And there’s elves, who stay to themselves, usually. There’s said to be griffins in other worlds, but I’ve never seen one.

Aye, and said to be walking trees in some worlds, but who can really be sure? Maybe some day, you’ll find out more of these different creatures; maybe even griffins. What was your dream as a young child? How has that dream changed since then?

Shawn: *is silent for a few seconds, then speaks slowly* I used to dream about being a great warrior king, like my father. *pauses* I think now I’m more interested in being a peaceful King. I’ve never really thought about not being king.

Perhaps you should. Life is full of surprises. Just as a quite random question, do you like to dance?

Shawn: *uncertainly* I—I don’t know. I’ve never tried.

Never tried dancing? Now, there’s a problem that must be amended. Immediately. Go hire a dancing tutor. Now I’m afraid we must move to a more serious question… Do you think there is anyone you would die to save?

Shawn: *thinks for a moment; then, slowly* My father. Maybe my teacher. *shrugs slowly* I’ve never thought about it before.

Start thinking, lad. Start thinking. What do your dreams usually look like?

Shawn: *quietly* That depends on whether they’re nightmares or not.

Ah, I understand. Though I’m afraid that doesn’t really count as an answer; perhaps, some day, we’ll come back to it. Not today, though. Do you think you would have what it takes to be King?

Shawn:*nods, then pauses* I think so. I’ve trained for it my whole life. I couldn’t be king now, but when I’m older.

All right. That’s all the time we have for today, but remember—Sorry, wrong story. Thank you for coming today, Shawn. Maybe one day you’ll be a great, peaceful King…but maybe you’ll be something better.

Faith SongFaith Song is a fourteen year old aspiring author with a passion for GOD, words, and dragons. She lives just outside a small town in the Central United States with eight of her ten siblings and her two parents, the best family in all the worlds. She blogs at

Character Interview: Bel

Happy Tuesday, readers. Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Bel, from Beckah’s “Of Roses and Thorns.”

Character Interview - Bel

Aeson is an ordinary man, one of those who are randomly choosen each year; called by an enchantment to meet his death in the maze.

Rosa is a princess, ignored by most, quietly weaving and crocheting a magic chain to guide men through the maze.

Bel is a payment, a young girl working as lady’s maid to the princess so her father does not suffer. And in her dreams each night, she visits the maze.

The maze is a device of discipline woven of thorns, an arena…A  prison.

And at its center, is kept the Beast.

Hello, Bel, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s a pleasure to have you here today. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Bel: Hello, yes, well. . .*glances around quickly, and then smiles a bit uncertainly* I’ve never seen this place before in my dreams, and I got taken off. I was expecting to go somewhere. . .else. Is. . .is this part of the maze? No. Never mind. Why would it be? *smiles innocently*

Tell you about myself? There’s not much: I’m the eldest daughter of eight in my family, I’m fifteen, and. . .*shrugs*

I’m afraid it’s not part of the maze. But, since you brought it up… I’ve heard rumors about this beast the King keeps in the maze…What do you think of that?

Bel: *innocent smile is back* I don’t know. I don’t know anything about the maze—or anything in it.

Ah, of course you don’t. So silly of me to ask you about it. What would you consider your greatest hope?

Bel: I. . .*hesitates*. . .I hope to someday help a friend of mine. I can’t say anymore though, even in this dream. *Hurries on* You seem a very nice girl, and very kind, whether if I dreamed you up or you’re real somewhere, but. . . Who knows what the King, and the Noise, might hear?

Was there something else you wanted to know?

Unless I’m greatly mistaken, they won’t read it. But I shan’t make you answer a question you don’t feel safe speaking of; not at the moment, anyway. Have you ever danced before? Did you like it… or would you like to try it?

Bel: *slowly begins to smile* Yes, in a way. Not what people would call actually dancing, though? My brother Alano had this old lyre he’d found somewhere, and he someway or another learned to play a few songs. While he played, the rest of my brothers and sisters and me would dance. We didn’t know actual steps, but we spun and whirled together, laughing and breathless. This was before my Papa– before I came here. Anyways, yes, I’ve danced.

That sounds lovely; far more beautiful than balls or formal dancing. Dancing is about joy. When you have spare time, what do you do with it?

Bel: *Frowns* I don’t have spare time. Especially not now.

I see. Who do you admire?

Bel: The Princess Rosa, I suppose. I’m maid to her, as you know, and I get to see an—an interesting side to her. She’s very skilled with crochet. . .I admire that, and wish I could do what she can with a hook and the yarn she spins. . . .

I did know you were her maid… Though, I wonder if it would be possible for you–or for me– to do what she does. Just a thought. What is the first thing you can remember?

Bel: *Bites lip and considers* I can remember. . .a song. My Mama was singing it, I think. I can only vaguely remember the words—I only heard it that once. Mama was singing, and we were outside together, and some other people heard Mama, and. . .I can’t quite remember what happened, but there was some trouble. And after that, Mama didn’t sing the song anymore. Funny, I haven’t thought of that in. . .many years.

Old memories rarely come to mind without prompting. Though, if people got upset about her singing it…I wonder if I should apologize for making you think of it. Do you ever have a recurring theme in your dreams?

Bel: *Looks startled, and then suspicious* I have the sort of dreams everyone has, I suppose. Dreams. Ordinary. Random and curious. Nothing more.

No need to get defensive… They are, after all, only dreams, of course. Could you tell us about your family?

Bel: They are my family. What’s more to say? I love them, and I do all that I can for them.  . . .And I worry sometimes, how my brothers and sisters are getting along now that I’m here and that. . .well, what with Papa did.

That does make sense. These days, what makes you laugh? Smile?

Bel: My. . .*struggles to decide what to say*. . .my dreams. And the princess. We’re close, and I enjoy spending time with her. But. . .I enjoy my dreams more.  *Shakes head and looks around*I should go now. If—if this is the maze, then I should hurry. . .I. . .he. . .yes.

I should go. I’m glad to have met you, and that I dreamed this. *Smiles warmly before turning and rushing away*

Thank you for coming, Bel… I hope that we can meet again. 

“A fencer, a Librarian, candle-maker, jet pilot, and denizen of an enchanted castle—Beckah is none of these. At least, not yet. . . . Currently a high school junior, she lives with her family on their farm, where she is usually doing one or more of the following: reading, writing, mucking hog pens while wishing she was writing, agonizing over her roses, or laughing up her sleeve.

“She blogs under the name ‘ghost ryter’ at

Character Interview: Rouyn

Happy Tuesday, readers. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Rouyn, from Victoria Grace Howell’s novel-in-progress, Starbloods.

A wingless boy, outcast in a society of winged sylphs, dreams of leaving their secluded mountain to explore the world beyond–a world he knows only from stories and tales. His plans are expedited when it is discovered that he is not fully human but a rare half-star, and hunted by a cult who seeks to stop his future child from ever being born.

Character Interview - Rouyn

Hello, Rouyn, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s an honor to have you here. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Rouyn: Hello. It is good to be here. Let’s see a little bit about myself … *rubs chin* I am sixteen reigns of moons, I am the only human in the colony of sylphs I live in and I am blood-bonded with a pegasus.

It’s nice to meet you! Ah, only sixteen years old? I think you’re right around the age of most of my readers. You bonded with a Pegasus, you say… Could you tell us about her? How does the whole bonding thing work?

Rouyn: Her name is Landora. I blood-bonded with her when I was ten. Our bloods have to have touched and our bond had to be meant to be. She was attacked by werewolves as a filly and I saved her. I had a cut on my arm and I was trying to stop the bleeding from her wound, then we bonded.

Wow. That must have been… awkward, having not been planning it. Do you have a single goal in your life—the one thing that you’re constantly working towards?

Rouyn: I want to leave the mountain one day. My parents said that I would when I got older, but I train with Landora so I can be strong for lots of adventuring. *grins*

Ah, adventuring is always fun. You mentioned your parents… What’s your relationship with your family?

Rouyn: I have my mother whom I call naima and my father whom I call adoth then my brother Meldar. I don’t think Adoth likes that I’m human. He’s never cared for me much. I care not for sylph things. I’m terrible at everything. I cannot hear birds, I cannot fly without Landora and I do not want a peaceful, boring existence as they do.

I imagine that it would be strange for your father, since he wouldn’t understand you, just as you don’t understand them. In your world, there are so many different kinds of creatures…Is it strange to have so many different types of sentient beings?

Rouyn: I am used to it. Though I desire to see more creatures. I would really like to see dragons and a gryphon and a roc.

Of course, you would pick some of the most dangerous of the creatures. What do you think of yourself?

Rouyn: I am not sure I entirely understand the question. I suppose I like myself.

You understood it pretty well, I think. Most of us are afraid of something… What are you afraid of?

Rouyn: I am afraid of living on the mountain for the rest of my life. I want my life to be exciting not dull.

You’re gonna shake the dust of that mountain off your feet and see the world? …Yeah, sorry. That’s a reference you probably won’t catch. When you were young, did you have a favorite toy you loved, or a game that you liked to play? Why did you enjoy it so much?

Rouyn: I made a sword out of sticks as a child. It is the closest I’ve gotten to holding a real sword. I want to own a real one in the future. Sylphs don’t make those sort of weapons. We have bows, arrows and clay knives.

I imagine that you will own one if you do end up going on an adventure, though whether you’re going to like it or not, who can say? Some people hate the things once they’ve used them. When you’re tired—not sleepy, but tired—where do you go to recharge? 

Rouyn: There is a shelter I built for Landora in the woods as a child. I like to go there.

That sounds very lovely. Thank you for coming today… I suppose I should let you get back home now. I look forward to hearing how your adventures turn out.

Victoria Grace Howell is an artist and aspiring author of speculative fiction. She received Teen Writer of the Year in 2014 at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, a conference she’s been attending since 2010. She is also a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. When she’s not writing, she enjoys drawing her characters, playing the piano, and practicing Kung Fu.

You can find out more about Victoria and her writing on her blog,  FacebookPinterestTwitter and DeviantArt.

Character Interview: Elric

Happy Tuesday, readers. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to yourself Prince Elric, main character of Bethany Baldwin’s currently-in-the-editing stage novel, The Prince’s Quest. 

Living as Crown Prince of Linaeus isn’t so bad. Elric can live with the whispers behind his back, and the obvious dislike the servants hold for him. But, without warning, his situation changes when King Rath decides to test his son’s loyalty, and see if he really can be a great king one day.

Elric is on a quest, a quest he would rather avoid. Someone in the small village of Redge is publishing false information about the king. It’s Elric’s job to find the perpetrator and bring him- and anyone involved- to justice.
The prince is plunged into a moral dilemma as he evades bandits intent on his capture, searches for truth, and meets a girl who could change his view on everything.
Life is filled with choices. The problem is, making the right one.

Character Interview - Elric

Hello, Elric (Or should I call you Your Highness?), and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s an honor to have you here. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Elric: Of course. I enjoy reading. I read all the time. I also like to stroll in the garden and visit my mother. I have a younger brother. I had an older one, but he died many years ago. My father is the king of Linaeus, which makes me Crown Prince, I suppose.

Reading is always good. That makes you the Crown Prince… You suppose? From what I can tell, if your father is the king and you are the oldest child in the family… at the time, you’re the Crown Prince. Speaking of your father… What’s your relationship with your him? (Don’t worry. This is a secret revolutionary pamphlet that will only be passed around rebels. Your father will never see your answer. No, not for real. Don’t give me that look. Your father won’t see it, though.)

Elric: I still don’t know about the rebels. But if it won’t be found out… My father and I have a… strained relationship at best. I feel… I know that I do not measure up to his expectations. He has been known to publicly humiliate me if it is his fancy. So, my relationship with my father? There really isn’t one.

I’m sorry. That must be hard, especially since you’re the royal family and most everything would be public, even when it wasn’t intended to be so. Who do you remember looking up to when you were a little child?

Elric: When I was a child things were different. My father was different. I remember looking at him in wonder. He was hero. He was the king. He was amazing.

Wow. The change, I imagine, would be very strange. I wonder if your father changed, not only in your eyes, but in actuality, because of the death of your older brother? But, we should move on. Who would you die to save?

Elric: This is not an easy question. No one wants to ponder death, but if I were faced with it I would hope to save my mother and her unborn child. Perhaps there are others.

A good choice. Though, I wonder if I could name a few others… *clears throat* Anyway. We’ll come to that later. As a flip-side to the previous question, is there anyone you would die to kill?

Elric: I find killing a heavier matter than death. There is no one I would want to kill purposefully. I hope that anyone can change.

I think you’re on the right track. What was a dream you had as a child, and how has that changed now?

Elric: When I was a child I was interested in knighthood. Swords and horses and fighting seemed interesting. But things change. A trip to the library, and witnessing a foal’s birth changed me. If I could have a dream that is not the one set before me, I would like to teach, or be a physician.

Something of a drastic change,that, though not a bad one. I think I could imagine you as a physician. Could you tell us about the girl you met—Anya?

Elric: Anya. She is a lovely girl. I haven’t met lovelier. And I don’t mean her looks. She is pretty to look at, yes, but there is something special about her that seems to light her up. She glows. She is kind, and makes me feel good inside, as if all the bad things disappear when she is nearby. But that is perhaps too much information. She is merely the daughter of the owner of Two Moons, an Inn.

*clears throat* Merely the daughter of the owner of an inn. Right. I can definitely see how the “merely” belongs in your statement about her, daughter of an inn owner or no. In fact, I do think she might make it to the list of people you would die for. Okay, last question… Do you have a favorite story?

Elric: I’m not certain if you mean favorite story from my life, or favorite story that I’ve read. My favorite story to read is The Captive Song. It is the story of a beautiful girl who is turned into a bird so that she will always sing. But with true love, she becomes human again. I just find it to be such a lovely tale. As far as favorite personal stories go… I cannot tell. It would have to be the night my horse was born. I happened to be near the stables, and heard the news that a foal was being birthed. So I arrived in time to see the miracle take place, and Silver and I have been companions ever since. (Silver is my stallion.

Elric: Thank you for having me today.

The Captive Song sounds like a wonderful story. Maybe if I’m ever in the area, I’ll stop by the palace library…Assuming your father wouldn’t mind, of course. Oh, seeing Silver born must have been amazing. No, no…Thank you for coming! It was a pleasure to have you here.


Bethany Baldwin is an eighteen-year-old  writer working on several novels, and enjoying the life God gave her. The youngest of five siblings, she has plenty of imagination to apply to her writing, and adds to her imagination by reading great books. When not writing or editing, she can be found in the theater, acting with Characterworks, singing and teaching children at church, spending time with friends, poking around the internet, and dreaming big things. Find her online at her blog or like her book page on Facebook, or even follow her on Twitter. Jeremiah 29:11


Character Interview: Lyric Valvo

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Lyric Valvo, from Alea Harpers trilogy-in-progress, “Mind Wars.”

“It doesn’t matter. Wherever you want. You have about a million to choose from,” I laughed lightheartedly. Suddenly, my vision blurred and spots flew before my eyes. The world began to spin. Was this what vertigo feels like? My heart pounded. Was I dying? I struggled to take a breath and my knees buckled. My eyes closed and my head never hit the floor of the stadium.

When Lyric Valvo wakes up in a strange forest that she doesn’t recognize (more due to the fact that she has never seen a forest), she and her best friend Finn are mistaken for runaway soldiers and treated harshly. How did she get to where ever she is? Are the fabled Mind Wars real? In this exciting retelling of the classic fairytale, “Sleeping Beauty”, you will encounter adventure, thrilling sword fights, mystery, and friendship.

“Lyric Valvo,” by Alea Harper.


Hello, Lyric, and welcome to Red Lettering! It’s an honor to have you here today. To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lyric: Thank you so much for asking me! Usually I wouldn’t accept something like this, I’m more of an introvert, but I absolutely love your blog and I just couldn’t say no! Well…umm…where do I start? Umm…I’m 16 years old. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my best friend, Finn. When I still lived in The Building, I enjoyed helping out Mom and Dad…well…I guess I can’t call them that now…in their jewelry store. I get scared very easily. *Fidgets nervously* After my…umm…adventures, I have conquered some of that.

You love my blog? Wow… I have readers in more than one world! My stat page won’t show when I get visitors from other worlds, so I’m very excited to hear that. But, right. We should stay on track.  It’s nice to meet you!  Where did you grow up? What was it like?

Lyric: I grew up in a city called, The Building. It was just that: a very tall skyscraper. The entire city was inside it and no one went in or out. It really was a pleasant place to grow up being very safe, and it just had a nice atmosphere.

That sounds lovely. I suppose with so many people in the same place, you would know many of them…  Who would you consider a hero?
Lyric: I would definitely consider Finn, my best friend, a hero. He has saved my life numerous times and really helped me emotionally. But, if you asked him if he thought he was a hero, he would say no in a heartbeat.

Most heroes would say that if you asked them… I think it’s a part of the job description. If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change?

Lyric: Hmm…that’s a hard one. I guess that I would change my parents sending me away to live with my adoptive parents. They could have protected me well enough…right?

I can’t say whether or not they could have… I don’t know either your parents or your adoptive parents, but if your parents wanted to protect you, I would say trust them on this one. Did you have any favorite story as a child?

Lyric: Well, I never did like stories where people died. Those gave me nightmares. And ones with scary beings in them. *shivers* So, my favorites were probably the ones that I learned in history. There was no mind control or any of that. *Smiles, thinking about fond memories*

I can agree with you on that… Though, I do think that sometimes, scary stories might teach us how to act when we get scared. What is your goal in life? What do you strive for?
Lyric: I-I don’t know. *Looks down and blushes* Honestly, that is something that I have…err…am struggling with. The majority of the people of Sylvae, my real parents’ country, believe in something they call God. They say that He is what, and who, they live for. I guess I’m just not sure I believe that…at least right now.

I understand. I hope you find what’s true. I suppose you kind of already answered this question, when you mentioned dying and mind control in connection with stories, but… What do you fear?
Lyric: Death. I am terrified of dying and what happens after…well, I guess what scares me is the unknown of what happens after. But, I am also afraid of so many other things…

Death… That’s something that many people are afraid of, though some much more than others. You probably wouldn’t really be able to trust what I could say, so I’ll just tell you to talk to some of the people who believe in God about death. There’s no uncertainty about dying when it comes to those who believe in God.

Thank you so much for being here today; I really appreciate that you took the time to come, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in more detail.


Alea Harper is a Christian writer (and hopes to one day be an author). She loves to write (obviously), make movies, serve others, and tell people about Jesus! Almost every day, she is on some adventure; whether its joining the Fellowship and defeating Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, running from Emporer Daicen in “Resistance” by Jaye L. Knight, or going on her own adventure that she writes, something exciting is always happening! You can read more about Alea and her writing at her blog:

Character Interview: Princess Lauraine Kodie

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Princess Lauraine Kodie, from Rayleigh Gray’s  novel-in-progress, A Queen is Knighted.


Princess Lauraine Kodie has a life of privilege, balls hosted in her honor, servants at her beck and call, and a family she loves with all her heart. But something mysterious begins to stir when her brother returns from her uncle’s kingdom and acts unlike himself. Then, on the eve of her 15th birthday, the castle is attacked and burned to the ground, her parents killed, and her brother disappears. 
She is taken against her will by a strange-handsome- man outside of Tunock and told what she never dreamt she would hear; she is the only one who can save Tunock from the danger her uncle brings, and she must to it as a man. 
Can Kodie save her kingdom? Or will she give up the kingdom, and everyone in it, to save her brother? 

Hello, Kodie! Welcome to Red Lettering. I’m honored that you would take the time to be here, especially with everything else going on over there. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Lauraine Kodie: No problem! Honestly, I embrace the chance to get away from the stinky camp in Sundaland Canyon, only, Wilhelm and James both insisted on escorting me just in case of an ambush, but I don’t mind too much *sly grin*. As for telling you about myself, I suppose that I could tell you some things, but I don’t care to get too personal.*attempted nonchalance* First off you should know that I, Princess Lauraine, has a brother of whom I don’t know is even worthy of that title. Prince Zachary II is three years older than I and he has taught me everything I know, for we have always been close *heavy sigh and looks to the ground*, that is until now.

 Aah. Well, if we’re being completely honest, I wasn’t expecting you to tell who you really were. I knew, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Don’t worry, though; your secret will not get out to those who would see it used against you. What’s the first thing you can remember?

 Lauraine Kodie: Like ever? I don’t know….*deep thought* I have often had dreams of two young children sword fighting with wooden swords. Both children, a little boy and a little girl, wore huge smiles on their faces as they danced around a courtyard that looked very similar to our courtyard. I once told my mother about them *sad expression* when she was alive. *pause, then quickly regaining composure* She told me that my dream reminded her of the time my brother and I had received two wooden swords and played with them for weeks on-end. So, that might be a memory or that might be a vision of my future children, I know not which.

Dreams often carry old memories, though a lot of the time they’re mixed with odd things that never happened. Maybe it’s a memory, but maybe it’s something else.  I heard that your castle was attacked and burned to the ground. The King and Queen are known to be dead, but the Prince and you haven’t been heard from by the citizens. I know it might be difficult to answer this question, since it’s your home that’s under attack, but what do you think of the things going on in your country? 

Lauraine Kodie: *heavy sigh* I honestly do not know what I think. Some people say that it is my uncle we are to fear, but others say it is their beloved prince, my brother, Zachary who is behind the attacks. And still there are others who believe the two are conspiring for my uncle to be king and my brother to have the king’s daughter’s hand in marriage. My trainer, Tupac, believes the latter. I have always valued everything Tupac says, but I just don’t know about his theory, it seems so unlike Zach.

 I hardly know anything about what’s going on there, but… You know your brother. I can’t promise that he’s not against you, and really, I shouldn’t even suggest it, but if you know who he is, don’t jump to conclusions about what he may have done. Keep believing in him until you know for sure… After all, that’s what sisters do. I know this might be a bit of an awkward question, and a sticky one, but… When do you believe it would be okay to tell a lie, or do you think it would be wrong all the time? 

Lauraine Kodie: *startled expression* I…..I….I honestly never thought about it. I mean, I would think it to be okay if you lied to protect an innocent person from a punishment they didn’t deserve, or from a country who is getting attacked….*uncomfortable squirming*

I see. I don’t know what you would consider yourself—adult or child—but… When you were small, what did you think you would be when you grew up? What were your dreams?

 Lauraine Kodie: *smile* I still like to consider myself a child, for I have so many childish dreams, but after everything I have been through in the past six months, I believe I have grown up enough to be called an adult. As for my childish dreams; when I was but a young girl, I used to dream of becoming a real knight, which is why I was always with my brother when he trained. But after I met Wilhelm *dreamy expression* and he sought permission to court me, well I only dream of the future we have together. Now, I am a knight and there is still a small possibility that Wilhelm and I will have a happily-ever-after story, as long as I stay alive.

Happily-ever-afters are the best types of stories–especially when you put them together with knights. When you have spare time, what do you do with it? (Besides coming to answer awkward questions here, of course. Don’t worry; the rest will be normal. Normal enough, anyway.) 

Lauraine Kodie: Training with the sword takes up quite a lot of my time and honestly I don’t consider that a pleasantry now that my life depends on how well I can use a sword. But, on rare occasions, I enjoy riding the horse that my fellow knight, James, gave to me. He is the most beautiful horse you have ever seen and rides like a cloud!

I can certainly imagine how your life depending on it would change things. I would think a cloud would get you wet if you rode it… Just out of curiosity, does the horse do that? Actually, sorry. I should probably keep on track here… Do you have a favorite season? 

Lauraine Kodie: I would have said winter if I were answering as the spoiled Princess Lauraine, for skiing across the frozen lake is one of her favorite past-times. But now that I am Sir Cody, who lives in makeshift tents in the out-of-doors, I very much dread the upcoming winter months and I am miserable in these summer months. So, my favorite season is either Spring or Autumn, depending on which has more pleasant days. 

No favorite weather; just lack-of-weather being your favorite? Certainly makes sense, that. Who would you die for? 

Lauraine Kodie: *stunned* Well, my brother would have been the answer before all of these disastrous things happened, but there is still that possibility that he was the one who killed my parents and burned our castle. And Tupac believes he is going to attempt to kill me so…*tears swelling up in eyes, looks up at the pause, then begins sobbing* I don’t know, I just don’t know. I have never had anyone as close to me as my brother and now he is my enemy? *buries face in hands and continues to cry*

Ah. That makes sense. Be strong, Kodie. Don’t give up. I should probably let you get back so… last question—Did you like fairytales when you were growing up? What would make a fairytale, or whatever your favorite type of story was, a favorite?

 Lauraine Kodie: I have never truly liked fairy-tales, because they were never real. A story that is my favorite will always have really happened. 

That makes sense. Thank you for being here, Kodie… It was an honor to get to speak to you. I hope that the rest of your journey is well.
You can read the first 1000 words of Princess Lauraine Kodie’s story here.

Rayleigh Gray is a 16 year old blogger that absolutely loves to read, write, research, and car-watch! She has a passion to proclaim the Creation of this world and do so with my writing. She hopes to become a journalist when she graduates high school and would also like to write a few books. She is home-schooled, the eldest of 6, a country-girl that likes to ride four-wheelers, and loves to sew. She blogs at


Character Interview: Lukas Vetti

Character Interview - Lukas Vetti

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Lukas Vetti, from Anastasia Cross and Lacey Mickler’s currently in-planning series, known at present as only the mysterious “Orion Series Two.”

The Orion has fallen–or so they thought.
 Alex and Corra, children of former rebel Nicholas Calhoun, live in the destroyed remains of New York City, where what’s left of the battle between the rebels and the government are scattered right outside their door. Living a fairly normal life in such a devastated time proves impossible for them when their grandfather spills a secret he has kept for decades: Viktor lives. The High General, the evil mind behind the entire Orion government, lives. 
And he will take back what is his.

Hello, Luke! Welcome to Red Lettering; I’ve been looking forward to your being here ever since I first heard about you. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Luke: A little? Um, okay, I can try. Let’s do this. Okay, I’m twenty-three years old, wanted in seven countries, an ex-soldier, an expert sniper, and I’ve got at least ten different gangs associated with my name. I’m German, was born there, but only stayed there until I was…maybe fourteen? I dunno. Then I moved around all over the place. I like cheese—cheese sticks in particular—and I go comatose whenever there’s a TV and a comfy couch.

I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be sarcasm–or, if it is, which part. A pleasure to meet you, though. (You should also know that my sister has a metal bar that I can use to whack sarcastic folks who aren’t so friendly and carefree as they want us to assume. Just in case you were wondering.) Do you have a family?

Luke: Define family? I’ve got the sweetest little sister a guy could ever ask for, and this best friend Nikolai. He’s a cactus, I swear. Prickly and so boring that boredom gets bored just looking at him.

I think you did a pretty good job of defining family just now by including your friend. I’ve never heard the word cactus used like that, but… I definitely understand what you meant. You should be a writer. This is a dangerous question, so I shan’t blame you if you completely ignore or side-step it, but… If you could change anything in the past of your life, what would you change?

Luke: Pfff…what kind of question is that? Okay…assuming that I’d end up in the same place as I am now, I would change quite a few things. A whole lot of things, actually. But, if changing all that made me change, I wouldn’t mess with anything. My past makes me who I am, and frankly I kinda like me. *roguish grin*

You know, I might have guessed that from your answer to the first question.  Tell me about your childhood. What is the first thing you can remember?

Luke: My childhood…well, I had a pretty normal childhood. Me and my best friend Kyle spent all our time together, romping around, skipping school, getting into messes…my dad spent a lot of time away with his job, so that meant I spent a lot of time looking after Willow, my sister. But it was a pretty good childhood. Then my dad died when I was thirteen and that’s when the fun started. *winks* The first thing I remember as a kid is being forced to guzzle a gallon of eggnog as a dare from Kyle. Good times…

Ah, so you weren’t exactly the model child as a kid? …I’m sorry about your dad. That must have been hard. …There’s something I’ve been wondering since I heard of you, so I hope you won’t mind a possibly awkward question…Would you consider yourself a good man, or a bad one?

Luke: You’re killin’ me! …Good or bad? How about none of the above? I’m not a “good man”, but I don’t consider myself a bad one. Sort of hovering on the edge. I think I’ve kinda ruined my chances at being “good”! But good’s relative anyways so who cares about that kind of stuff.

Gray, eh?  At the risk of referencing something you’ve never heard, go dance with a dinosaur. How do you feel about government—just in general?

Luke: The government, in a word, reeks. There’s nothing I hate more than the American government, except maybe every other government on Earth.

I find it slightly amusing that you just used the phrase “in a word,” and then went on with the answer in more than one word. But… I understand that, definitely. If you put a group of sinful men together without anything Higher to guide them, they’re going to make a mess of things. Where do you live, and what is it like there?

Luke: Currently, I live in New York, which was bombed by nukes like two hundred years ago or something, so things are kinda trashy. Getting better, but trashy. Lots of old buildings and rotting skyscrapers. But hey! It’s nicer than anywhere else!

Sounds like the perfect place for a vacation! Maybe I’ll come visit you the next time I find a train headed that way. Okay, last unusual question, really. How do you want to die?

Luke: What kind of question is that? How do I want to die? I don’t want to die! But…if I was to die, it’d be a noble death, and no one’s fault but my own, like choking on a cheese stick, or suffocating on a pillowcase while napping.

…You count those as noble deaths? I feel like I need to clear up the meaning of some words here. …Back to normal questions now. What is your greatest dream? What do you strive for?

Luke: I strive for Willow’s protection and happiness. I’ve spent my whole life making sure my sis is safe and sound and I won’t rest until I’m sure she’s in the right hands.

Oh–Luke! That’s the first time you’ve been serious during this whole interview. You make me wish I could read your mind, and see what’s really going on behind this nonchalant charade of yours. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time now, and I don’t have access to the ability to read minds, so… I suppose I should let you go. Thank you so much for being here, Lukas Vetti, and I hope that, by the end of this journey you’re about to be heading on, if I were to ask you some of these questions again, you would have different answers.

Many thanks to Anastasia Cross for allowing me to interview Luke! You can find out more about Lukas Vetti, the Orion Series, and Orion Series Two, on her blog, Pinterest Page, and her co-author Lacey Mickler’s Pinterest Page.

Anastasia Cross is an eighteen year old writer of fantasy, dystopian, post apocalyptic, and science fiction novels and short stories. She began writing at the age of nine and finished her first novel at age thirteen. She now has finished four stories and hopes to have her first published soon. Anastasia’s goal in her career as an author is to glorify God with every word she writes. You can read more about her on her blog at

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