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What We Can Learn From Violins: Press Hard, Focus, Things Aren’t What They Seem

Meet Allen, my new (and first) violin.

(Picture Credit: From Amazon, property of Mendini)

After scoring the rosin with a knife, scraping it against the violin’s bow several times, and attempting to tune it (so far, it’s still a work in progress), I learned that things applying to violins also apply to writing sometimes.

You Have to Press Hard

I never realized how hard one must press against the strings to get it to make noise. Of course, I did need to add more rosin, but even now, I wouldn’t have expected to actually need to press hard against the strings to make noise.

In writing, sometimes we have to realize that it’s more difficult to get something correct than we might have previously expected. We’ll need to press hard against one point whenever we thought it would be easy, because if we thought it would be easy, it probably isn’t. We’ll have to work harder at things we thought we would be good at; even if we are good, we always need to be better.

You Have to Keep The Bow in One Place

“Hobby-hopping” is particularly common among writers. Even those who stick to writing tend to move from project to project, never finishing a novel before moving to another.

It’s so easy to let the bow slide all over the violin strings. And yet, that makes it screech. It creates bumps in the road and makes it so that a person will not be able to get better until they stop the habit.

The Rosin Looked Just Like Glass

I wish I could show you a picture, but as I can’t find one, you’ll just have to take my word for it. The rosin came in a small round container, stuck to a bright red velvet-like cloth. It looked like a small, round piece of glass.

And then I dug deeper, scoring it with a knife, and realized that, in the end, it wasn’t a piece of glass. It was rosin. It looked like something not even remotely the same.

Until I looked further.

(I’m sorry for the slightly un-thought out post; when I accidentally post half-finished blog posts as I did with this one, I tend to hurry through finishing them. Also, I have a violin I’d like to get tuned before dark. So I bid you farewell and ask you to comment, and forgive this terribly sloppy post.)

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