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Character Interview: Errance

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today I have the pleasure of introducing to you Errance, Elf-Prince of Aselvia, from Hannah William’s (currently in the editing stage) book, Moonscript.

 Moonscript New Cover

Cover drawn by Hannah Williams

The Secret Was Safe With Him…But Only If He Was Saved First

Long ago, the elven king hid away his most precious book, the Moonscript, for only it held the secrets of the unreachable Higher World. Evil has long sought this knowledge…and now the heir to the Moonscript has vanished…

Such stories should have nothing to do with Tellie.
Young Tellie is a simple orphan girl with one desire in her heart—to find a family who loves her. But when dark strangers visit her inn, she discovers a mysterious treasure and is pulled into the outside world.

Her dreams of family and home are forced aside as Tellie is plunged into an adventure beyond her imagination. If she is to escape, she must rescue a fellow prisoner, the only person left alive who can keep the Moonscript a secret.
But which will be harder—rescuing him from dungeons….or from himself?


Illustration of Errance by Hannah Williams

(Note: To avoid spoilers, Errance was interviewed at a point in the story, not at the end of the novel.)

Hello, Errance! I’m honored to have you on my blog today. I’ve heard quite a bit about you, and hope that you won’t mind my asking some questions. To start with… Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Errance: *a long, heavy pause* I see you know my name already. If you know that, I suppose you know the rest already. Let me guess, you’re one of those—

*a young girl bounces up next to him* Tellie: Errance! Honestly! This girl is named Athelas Hale, and she just very sweetly wants to know about you! You are so suspicious. Just answer nicely. Or I will.

Errance: *with an annoyed expression, he obliges very stiffly* I am Errance, Prince of Aselvia.  I’ve been held prisoner by the forces of the Darkness for seventy years. But then…I suspect you already knew that.

Yes, I had heard something about that… But, onward. To begin at the beginning… What is the first thing that you remember?

Errance: That’s complicated. You mean when I was a child? All my memories from my life in Aselvia have faded over the years. But I have a recollection from when I was very young of… looking at the stars. Held in the arms of my father. His magpie bouncing along a wall nearby. And… *his voice trails away*

I see. You speak of your father… Who were your parents? Where are they now?

Errance: *raises an eyebrow* You mean you don’t know? Interesting. Very well. I am the only son of Rendar and Cerene. My father is the only Celestial elf left in the Lower World because…of an unfortunate choice he made. But since then he was made King of Aseliva. I never met my mother, a princess of the elves. She died in childbirth. I’ve been told she was always a delicate creature. As for my father…I won’t see him again either. Tellie has carried word of his death.

I never did claim to be all-knowing, please remember. But…I’m sorry to hear that. I imagine it would be difficult growing up without a mother and that must have been hard news to hear. If you could change one thing in the past, what would it be?

Errance: *a bitter laugh* Being born.

Tellie: Errance!

Errance: Fine. I shouldn’t have gone back for the Moon Medallion that night. I suppose I should never have left Aselvia to begin with. I don’t know. I don’t know what I could have done different to have escaped my capture.

Hm. I wonder how things would have turned out if you weren’t captured. I doubt we shall ever know. Is there anyone you would die to save?

Errance: *leans back in chair and crosses arms* Well. That’s a rather dangerous question, don’t you think? I don’t care to say. Perhaps it’s no one. Except, of course, all those Celestial Elves whose realm I am protecting. They don’t even know me, nor I them. Ironic, isn’t it?

Dangerous? To some people, I suppose. That’s love—the action, love—mixed with duty, I think. It often is ironic …I hear you have something to do with a mysterious book—the Moonscript? Could you tell us a bit about that?

Errance: No.

Tellie: *With an apologetic smile* I’m sorry, that’s the reason the villains have had him imprisoned for so long. They believe it could hold secrets to infiltrating the Higher World and defeating the Celestial Elves and since he’s the only one that can read it…well. It’s a touchy subject with him.

That’s all right. No need to apologize for him, Tellie; I wasn’t expecting an answer to that question anyway. Do you consider yourself worth rescuing? Why or why not?

Errance: *a blank expression…then a glimmer of uncertainty* I…I I’m not sure. In the past, I always dreamed my father would discover that I wasn’t dead and come flying to my rescue. I suppose my people would do the same if they learned I was alive. Worth rescuing? Because of my position and power alone, I suppose so. Though it’s not as if my imprisonment in the Darkness jeopardizes the world. Anyone would be an idiot to think I’d give in now after all this time.

Tellie: Of course, you’re worth rescuing! You’re amazing! And even if you weren’t, no one…*she shudders*…no one deserves the prisons of Tertorem.

Hm. I  think I would have to agree with Tellie on this; from what I’ve seen, you’re definitely worth rescuing.  Everyone is afraid of something—what are you most afraid of?

Errance: *laughs* Hm, pain and things people generally considering terrifying became rather common to me. *a shadow crosses his face* But…now that I’ve escaped from Tertorem…I’m afraid of being caught again…returning to that living death. But…yet…somehow…this outside world…this life I do not know is even more fearful. And when I think of returning home…to the paradise I left when I was just twenty years old returning to  people who will remember as who I once was, not what I am now…I…I…I’m terrified…

At least you knew what to expect in the dungeons, yes? But this is much more uncertain. Last question—did you have a favorite story as a child?

Errance: *A startled expression* Why would you want to know that?

Tellie: *rolls her eyes* You just finished revealing your deepest fears. Obviously, she’s asking a question that will make you feel better. She’s a sweet girl, as I told you. Now, let’s end on a cheerful note. Go on, what’s your favorite story as a child?

Errance: Well…like I said, I don’t remember much…but there were many interesting stories I learned. My father’s story…of the Fall of Darkness, of the Separation of Worlds, of the Wraith, the first Windsweeper…ah…but that was when I was older. It was too dark for a child. However…*smiles a little*…Father did tell me about the Daishas. There used to be so many before the Fall. Those who were left journeyed to the far North. But they fascinated me. They are great flying, talking beasts. They have a long body, tail, and neck, are covered in soft grey fur, and rather cattish manners. And though I said “beasts,” they really were a people. Not like us, of course, but they spoke and had a soul. I always dreamed of finding one and becoming best friends with him. I called him Roarwind and constantly pretended he was with me. And Father would play along. He once even ordered a raw deer to the dinner table for Roarwind. The servers were so confused…but then they caught on and pretended to carry one out to the table and…*suddenly cuts off and blinks in confusion* I…ah…yes. So that one. Um. Shouldn’t we be going now?

Tellie: *sniffles a little* Thank you, Athelas. It was so wonderful to have a chance to sit down and rest. I love your blog…what strange word and world…but Errance is right. We really should be going. Our other companions, Tryss and Kelm, will be looking for us. We have to continue our journey to Aselvia. I hope someday you’ll hear more of us and learn whether we reached Aselvia or not. May the One bless you.

Errance, you make me think of my childhood. Roarwind would be a wonderful companion to any child. You must have been proud to have him as your friend while he was your comrade. …Oh, yes—don’t keep your companions waiting. I’m sorry for keeping you so long, and Errance, I feel I should apologize for asking such personal questions. Thank you both for coming! It was a joy to speak to you both. I’ll be looking for news of you, and hope that you reach Aselvia, and that all goes well with you. And may both of you be blessed beyond measure. 

Many, many thanks to Hannah Williams, who allowed me to interview her awesome characters. You can find more about her and Moonscript at her blog The Writer’s Window.   (The name is clickable. I know it doesn’t look it, but it is.)

Hannah WilliamsHannah Williams is a seventeen year-old homeschooler living in the lush valleys of Oregon. She doesn’t mind the rain because it gives her an excuse to stay inside and write. She lives on a knoll with her parents, big brother, her grammie, and three dogs, five cats, six chickens, two guinea pigs, and one goat. Writing and illustrating epic stories of good and evil are her passions. She is a geek of all things Tolkien and Stengl and hopes to publish her own books with the goal of bringing glory to God. Learn more about her stories and interests at her blog,   

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