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Writing Prompt: 01-30-2015

Origin“Lava Falls” by Jesús Campos Jiménez. I know neither this artist, nor his other work, so if you decide to look him up, beware.

Feeling inspired? Write something from this prompt! You can leave a response in the comments or move the prompt to your blog and leave a link in the comments. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Please keep responses clean.

Writing Prompt: 09-19-2014

Writing Prompt

OriginWell, Paint, actually. This time, it’s just something I made up; if you’d like to find the rest of my work, feel free to read my mind. 

Feeling inspired? I’d love to have you write something from this prompt! You can leave a response in the comments, or move the prompt to your blog and leave a link in the comments.

[I really look forward to being able to read anything you write from this prompt, and I expect to enjoy it very much and for my readers to also enjoy it. That said, please keep everything as clean as it gets because otherwise I will delete the comment or link to your blog.”Only what is good for building up…” If in doubt, ask. My contact information is on the About page.]


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