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Writing Prompt: 02-06-2015

Origin“Ambush” by Nicole Cardiff. I know neither this artist, nor her other work, so use caution if you decide to look her up.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: 02-06-2015

  1. By the time the rider notices, the thieves will already be on top of him. I could have warned him, but the thieves’ back-up muscleman was sneakier than most. Now I lie with my face in the moss, my hands pinned to my back by the big man’s knee. He taps a bludgeon against my shoulder as a reminder, and holds my scarf tight over my face. All the work put into silencing me is inane. I’d used my allotment three months ago. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the rider coming closer, closer. I could have warned him. The thieves leap out onto the path, screaming like banshees. I shut my eyes and cringe. But instead of the sounds of battle, I hear a voice cry out:
    “Halt! Stand still, all of you!”
    Then there is silence. I risk shifting my position to get a better look. The brute holding me doesn’t object. The rider, it seems, had disarmed the assailants just with a few words. I know what that means. The would-be thieves stand still as the trees around them. The rider lifts a cocky head, victory gleaming in his smile.
    “Good. Now everyone drop their weapons and stand in a neat row. I mean everyone!”
    With surprising gentleness the large man releases his hold on me and takes his place beside his fellow thieves. I sit up and shake out my sore limbs. The rider glares at me. This time his tone is less commanding, and more confused.
    “I said everyone!”
    I only raise my eyebrows at him. Really now, sir, is it that difficult to recognize one of your own kind? The rider dismounts and comes slowly closer. He stops a few feet away and his eyes widen.
    “You’re another Silvervoice!”
    I grin. However did you guess? So far as I know, only other Silvervoices could resist a Silvervoice’s command.
    “Well then, why won’t you speak?”
    My smile falls. It wouldn’t do to tell him I’d run afoul of the emperor’s wizard, cursed to speak only a maximum of ten words a year. I’d have to be a little vaguer than that. So I tap my lips and shake my head.
    “Shame. That’s like a unicorn without its horn.”
    Rub it in, sir. Rub it in.
    “Never mind. I am Denyamin, and I’m actually quite happy to have the rare pleasure of meeting another Silvervoice. But what are you doing with this crowd?”
    I hold my hands to the thieves as if pushing them away, and look to the side. All an accident, sir, I assure you. I’m not one of them.
    “Alright, you’re not a highway man, I understand that. But I still would like to know who you are and what you are doing here.”
    I begin to pull out my notebook from my bag, but Denyamin shakes his head.
    “Sorry kid, no use. I only know the words ‘wanted’, ‘dead or alive’, and ‘reward’. But we’ll go to town anyhow, and find someone who can read. I can’t let a youngling of my own kind wander about without knowing who he is and what he is doing.”
    I slip the notebook back and nod stiffly. It still irks me to be referred to as ‘kid’ and ‘youngling’. I have learned to use my meager height and youthful appearance to my advantage, but the condescending behaviours I could do without. I may not look it, Denyamin, but I am older than you are. Believe it or not, I was once an accomplice of the emperor’s corrupt wizard, long ago. I have since seen my wrong and paid for it, and now I aim to expose him for the rat he is. Remember hearing about that rebel Yonatan? Aye, that’s me. I’m still in action. And you, Denyamin, I think I might like you as a collaborator.

    • Gator Lee on said:

      Two men jumped out of the shadows weapons pointing straight toward a young girl not noticing a young rider riding toward them with no weapon he Glanced at
      them and they fell .

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